Joy Resolve Launches The Immersion Edition Barisieur


London design house, Joy Resolve, is delighted to introduce The Barisieur Immersion Edition, a specially designed incarnation of the company’s iconic Barisieur that delivers the ultimate cup of loose-leaf tea.

The bubbling sound of the water in the Barisieur Immersion Edition calms you in the morning alongside the awakening and soothing smell of the freshly brewed tea with its no-effort, bedside functionality. It comes in a mystified yet simplified design which not only makes the user experience better but adds to the beauty of the room decor with the nostalgic touch. It ensures that you get a freshly brewed cup of tea whether you are headed for a busy day at work or a lazy Sunday at home, making it all an enjoyable experience. 

How it works!

The Barisieur Immersion Edition comes packed with the ingenious Brew Chamber. The Brew Chamber is put together by bringing a strainer and silicon bung together. This allows for it to let hot water fill up and brew the tea efficiently instead of simply passing through, ensuring a more refined brew. In order to disperse the water evenly over your loose tea leaf, the Barisieur Immersion Edition comes with a new larger showerhead. As a result, it is able to deliver impeccable saturation with the perfect temperature each time. To top it all, the brew chamber has been designed not just to brew the perfect cup of tea but also a top-quality brew of immersion coffee. 

Similar to how the original Barisieur works, the form follows function in all aspects of the new version as well. The scientific borosilicate glassware sits on a charming walnut or blond timber tray, coming together to create distinctive new forms. The tray effortlessly lifts off the mid-century styled black or white base to aid the carrying of your freshly brewed beverage.

The simplicity of the Barisieur Immersion Edition is only on the outside as inside it holds sophisticated technology. The water is boiled with an induction coil, ensuring it to an efficient and safe boil in the vessel above. The integrated Peltier cooler allows for a 3-degree temperature in the milk vessel which is centralized in the base. The milk is detected with an infrared sensor. The Barisieur Immersion Edition sports a retro digital display to simply tell the time and set the alarm, which dims in low lit environments due to the integrated diode.

Pricing and Availability

The Barisieur Immersion Edition will launch on the 26th of May 2020, and come in both Black and White finishes. The Barisieur Immersion Edition will retail for £345 GBP and be available to shop online from www.joyresolve.com

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