S10 5G

Samsung Pushes the Boundaries of Innovation by Taking Consumers to the Edge of Space

S10 5G

Samsung has outdone itself once more with the unveiling of its Galaxy S10 5G. But here’s the twist: The Galaxy S10 5G has been launched out of this world, 65,000 feet away to be exact, all so that users can have their face in outer-space. 

In collaboration with Flightline Films, Samsung is revolutionizing the popular selfie with their space cam. Now, you can take the ‘SpaceSelfie’, but only on a Samsung device. Samsung has truly taken the next big step in the world of technology with its out-of-this-world space device. Not only that, but it also gears up users for other exciting projects that Samsung might have in store as they have already done the impossible. 

How Mission Control Works:

Mission Control depends on a massive high pressure, high altitude space balloon that is responsible for transporting the Galaxy S10 5G from South Dakota, U.S.A to a height of 65,000 feet above the earth to the stratosphere. Apart from allowing users to have this extraordinary experience, mission Control also works to display the high-quality specs of to S10 5G as it functions perfectly in tough climates with freezing temperatures. The payload design for this project has been structured in a way that provides high-resolution pictures by utilizing the earth’s surface and the sun’s natural light which is responsible for powering the S10 5G as well as the payload. 

This is where the exciting part comes in for Samsung users. They now have the selective chance to have their face in space by simply uploading a selfie onto the Mission Control website: www.samsung.com/spaceselfie. Join the exclusive rank of astronauts by adding your picture to the man in space collection, virtually. 

To achieve this amazing feat, Samsung has designed two mobile applications to pair with Mission Control: one for ground control and one for the S10 5G.

The ground control application is structured to coordinate signals between the payload and Mission Control to facilitate the transfer of selfies. The other is an application that is in direct contact with the S10 so that it can capture the selfie from the S10’s display via a camera. The application then delivers the image right back to earth from where it travels to its final location.

Prepare for Flight: the S10 5G

The S10 5G is truly one of Samsung’s most remarkable creations. Designed to survive in temperatures of up to -65 degrees Celsius, the mobile phone works perfectly without the use of any protective material. So, how was the S10 5G prepped for such a trip?

Samsung made sure that its mobile phone went through a series of thorough tests and trials prior to release. Testers found that the S10 5G survived, and easily at that, through all the conditions to which it was exposed, making it a marker for mobile phone manufacturers everywhere. From its AMOLED display to its sound, the S10 G5 did not buckle. Without a doubt, the Samsung S10 5G remains alone, waiting for another worthy opponent to enter the arena. Till then, it stands in the light of its enhanced capabilities. 

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