power HiFi

Concert inside your HOME: Teufel’s Power HiFi

 power HiFi

Teufel has launched the power HiFi which brings the concert within the confines of your home. The power HiFi combines the power and dynamic range of a professional sound system with the resolution and the precision of a high-end loudspeaker. Consequently, the development of the power HiFi brings the best possible sound to your home. It is a three-way system equipped with 380 W amplifier power. Moreover, it supports extensive connections with several options and intuitive control via the high-quality control panel. 

Loud, Strong and Big

The power HiFi takes care of the low, mid and high frequencies with its three stacked modules. The sound and structural foundation of Power HiFi is formed by the 35-kilogram bass module with two 12-inch (305 mm) bass drivers. The angled arrangement of the drivers saves space on the one hand and increases the power of the bass unit on the other. The long-throw, heavy-duty drivers deliver a very dry, clean bass. The midrange module with its 200 mm driver is responsible for warm, natural mid-range frequencies and best speech intelligibility. It does not end here. There is a horn added to the tweeter unit. This allows it to work distortion-free even at incredibly high volumes. 

Everything in the control of your palm

To get the party started, you simply have to connect your smart device to the power HiFi via Bluetooth. It produces CD-like sound quality even over a Bluetooth connection. Moreover, you have the option to add additional devices via stereo cinch, optical digital cable or XLR ports. Currently, DJs make use of the XLR inputs to make and play music. It allows them to connect their DJ stations and mixers. With the XLR input, you can also connect a second (third or even fourth) Power Hifi.


  • Fully-active, modular loudspeakers-system made of high, middle and deep toners.
  • Produces impressive dominating sound that’s still clear and defined
  • Endless inputs and configurations settings
  • Bluetooth with aptX for wirelessly transmission in CD-like quality via Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and more
  • Two high-performance 305mm subwoofers, a 200mm middle toner and high tweeters for sound levels of up to 115dB
  • High-efficiency Class D amplifier with a performance from 380w
  • Auto on/off function via cinch, XLR and Bluetooth
  • high-quality control panel made of metal with the display, USB sound card function, remote control

Rehearsal room or living room, it does the job

The power HiFi has three modules in total. All three modules are built with strong wood and are incredibly stable. You can fit these columns in front of any room. For all those looking to make additions to their party basement, home studio or even on a stage, it will do more than expected. 

Price and availability

The Power HiFi is available on teufelaudio.com online store, as well as the Teufel stores for the price of £1199.99. The Power HiFi set is also available, which consists of two Power HiFi Speakers with a 5-metre cable for connection. The price of the Power HiFi set is £2249.99

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