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Arlo Unveils Its First Ever Video Doorbell to Integrate High-Resolution Live Video and Two-Way Audio


Arlo Technologies has done it once again with their state-of-the-art Video Doorbell. Rumoured to launch in 2020, the Arlo Video Doorbell is designed to inculcate both a wider viewing area, as much as up to 180 degrees, and a sharper picture resolution, leaving no detail unseen. Fitted with a dual audio system, the Arlo Video Doorbell allows users to converse with visitors from within the confines of their home, all through their phone.

Simple Alerts

Built on a system of awareness, the doorbell will notify individuals each time they have a visitor through a simple mobile alert. To make for quick ease of use, users will receive a live video call once a presence is detected at their main door. They then have the option of a live conversation or they can reply via a pre-recorded message. Arlo Technologies has truly inculcated modern technology into what was a simple doorbell mechanism.

Perhaps, the best part is that Arlo’s Video Doorbell can be used by anyone thanks to its extremely simple set up procedure. All the user needs is a digital or mechanical chime to hook up to and they are good, saving both time and money while making for faster video transmission.

SVP Product and Chief Information Officer of Arlo Technologies, Tejas Shah, related, “We engineered the Arlo Video Doorbell with an array of advanced alert and picture quality features to help homeowners identify and engage with visitors even before they knock. To ensure a visitor is never missed, we went above and beyond industry standards to create an innovative solution that delivers a fuller vertical field-of-view, so users can see more from their front door, from head to toe.”


There’s no doubt that the Arlo Video Doorbell is a great buy, maximising not only on the user’s, and their home’s, safety but also allowing the resident to have the upper hand in any visitation. Some of its best features include:

  • Optimized Sight Range: Unique vertical and diagonal viewing field that allows head to toe vision with an optimized 1:1 figure
  • Motion Radar: Users receive immediate mobile notifications once movement is tracked
  • Video Calling: Direct video phone calls for quick and easy action
  • Automated Message Reply: Users can converse with visitors via pre-set messages
  • Night Vision: Full night vision with HD images, making the night time a safe time
  • HD Viewing: Revolutionary camera technology that presents detailed, high-resolution images and videos
  • Zoom Settings: Users can zoom in or out while utilising the video call feature
  • Quiet Mode: Avoid disturbance with the Arlo Quiet Mode that mutes notifications and doorbell
  • Weatherproof: Compatible with extremities of heat, cold, sun and rain
  • Tamper Alerts: Automatic siren that goes off in case of anyone manhandling the doorbell

And that’s not all, buyers of the Arlo Video Doorbell will avail a free three-month Arlo Smart trial. Serving as a subscription service, the Arlo Smart allows users to save up to thirty days’ worth of video recordings to keep and play. Saved to the cloud, users can choose their own date and time preferences.



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