ONE Cast

Cyrus launched the ONE Cast ‘Smart’ Audio System

ONE Cast

Cyrus audio limited has made an announcement regarding the launch of the ONE Cast Smart Audio System. ONE Cast is the latest addition to the award-winning Cyrus ONE family. It effectively and completely incorporates the usability of the smart speaker but offers additional flexibility and audiophile performance associated with a dedicated hi-fi system.

Versatile support

ONE Cast is the first of its kind product. It has been designed in such a way that it supports three fundamental and major voice assistants in the market. These include the Google Assitant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri. Moreover, it also has support for all the mainstream music streaming apps and can be controlled through them. You don’t even have to have a separate dedicated app to when it comes to controlling it through any mainstream music app. When controlled either by voice or streaming app, the ONE Cast connects directly to the music service provider to receive high-resolution audio files, delivering an experience far superior to even high-resolution forms of Bluetooth


It comes equipped with a built-in 100w per channel stereo amplifier. This amp Cyrus’ in-house designed ‘Hybrid Class-D’ technology. As a result, it has the potential to provide incredible power and be on par with the refinement and finesses that generations of Cyrus customers are accustomed to.

What it offers

With ONE Cast, you have a voice-voice-controlled wireless multi-room audio system. You can also assign a name and location to your ONE Cast allowing you to have multiple devices in a single home. Moreover, it can also be integrated into multi-room systems where other smart speakers are deployed.

More features

Moreover, ONE Cast does not stop at built-in Google Cast, Apple Airplay, and Bluetooth. It offers a number of audiophile wired connection options. Furthermore, it features a High-Resolution USB input for direct connection to a laptop or streaming device, optical and coaxial digital inputs, analogue inputs that can be configured in fixed gain mode to integrate into an existing AV system, a built-in Moving Magnet phono stage for direct connection to a turntable, a built-in headphone amplifier, and an HDMI ARC input, allowing direct connection to a suitable TV, making it an ideal upgrade from a soundbar. The onboard DAC is capable of handling up to 32/192 digital files and DSD 128

Cyrus Audio’s Chairman, Simon Freethy, commented on the announcement, “This is a world first. A product that marries true hi-fi with the usability of a smart speaker. Able to connect wirelessly to all your mobile devices, manage multi-room audio, and still having all the latest wired connectivity options to optimise every source of music in your house, ONE Cast is the most versatile, and powerful entertainment system on the market today.”

Cyrus has produced a number of videos explaining the ONE Cast in greater detail. The first can be found here: A number of other videos can be viewed at and are available upon request.

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