Anti drone

A solution that has never been seen before: by Kaspersky

Anti drone

Kaspersky has introduced an all-new solution designed to aid organisations and property owners to defend themselves from unauthorised trespassing by civilian drones. It has brought a combination of several sensors together. This also includes a new approach to drone detection founded by the company using laser scanning. Moreover, with the sensors, Kaspersky has used modern machine learning technologies. Kaspersky Antidrone can automatically spot, identify and prohibit unmanned aircraft from entering restricted areas. This is all done without damaging the devices.

How Kaspersky Antidrone works?

As you all know Kaspersky is not a company that manufactures jamming or detection hardware. Being a software company Kaspersky offers software that collects data from various sources to detect an approaching drone, aim jamming antennas at it and force-land it. The solution can be easily customized according to the customer’s preferences and configured by the company’s system integration partners.

The detection mechanism

Kaspersky Antidrone uses primary detection to learn a UAV is approaching the protected area. The system can capture data via its detection module, virtually from any device such as a camera, lidar, radar, or an acoustic sensor over its parameter. It can also capture and feed data it receives from IPTV cameras to its system. The technology determines the position of the drone using a laser scanner and classifies it using neural networks.

The range to detect a drone depends on the configuration of the system and the object for which protection is selected. According to Vladimir Turov, head of Kaspersky Antidrone project, the system can detect a drone at a distance of up to 1 km. The cost of the system depends on the type of protected facility. Turov said the cost of protecting a facility like the 

Kaspersky Lab business center on Leningradsky Prospekt would cost nearly $ 100 thousand. The software can work with any primary detection devices to improve detection accuracy or range. It offers a mobile solution where the system can also be mounted on a car, though it cannot be operated while on the move. This also can be achieved with some minor software updates. As of now, there is no demand for such an option. Now movie producers don’t need to worry about alien drones hovering over the sets, Kaspersky Antidrone can take care of it all.

“Many members of Kaspersky Antidrone team, myself included, have long been drone pilots. Unmanned aircraft can sometimes pose a real danger. For instance, I’ve witnessed some risky situations during public events. It clearly causes some doubt around the use of technology. Unfortunately, as a drone pilot, you often don’t know which locations are prohibited, so when your drone is unexpectedly crushed or physically attacked with hostile protection measures, it is very frustrating. That’s why, during the development of our product, we took the interests of drone enthusiasts as well as safety requirements and concerns into account. This helped us develop a way to ensure drones do not enter prohibited areas, without damaging them,” comments Vladimir Turov, Project Owner of Kaspersky Antidrone.


The software can be delivered as a stand-alone solution within third-party hardware, as a mobile version (for example, to be used on the top of off-road cars), or integrated with other monitoring systems, including smart home infrastructure.

Pricing and Availability

To find out more about Kaspersky Antidrone and its availability, please visit the official website.

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