HONOR Band 5 receives OTA update

HONOR Band 5

The globally renowned smartphone brand, HONOR, introduced the Pulse Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) monitoring and remote music control to the HONOR Band 5. Due to these added features, the HONOR Band 5 becomes an all in one fitness tracker heart rate monitor and sleep tracker.  SpO2 tracking For all those who have to keep a track … Read more

Next-generation security camera system introduced by ARLO

Arlo Pro 3

Arlo today has announced the availability of its revolutionary security camera system in the Pro series. The latest features imbedded by ARLO integrated spotlight with color night vision, 2K HDR, 160-degree field of view, two-way audio, and advanced Smart Hub. ARLO has taken the security camera system to a whole new system by making the … Read more

Women in the workforce should be facilitated with an apt childcare

There are no second thoughts about the fact that stable economies in the world are those where both men and women contribute equally in the workforce. Considering the biological constraints of pregnancy and motherhood, it sometimes becomes difficult for the women to be that active in the workforce as before children. While pregnancy and childbirth … Read more

The Mate 30 series Unveiled: Huawei in Munich

Mate 30 series

Huawei Unveiled its flagship Mate 30 series in Munich. The series features sleek designs, advanced engineering, and better software and hardware. The Huawei Mate series has become the world’s first second-generation 5G smartphone. Huawei has taken upon an aesthetic design approach. The rear of the device features quad camera which includes the SuperSensing Cine Camera … Read more

Singularity 2: Singularity is The New Black

After Vantablack debuted as an exclusive, patented blackest-of-black material, many people have tried to come up with their own versions of the blackest paint imaginable. Singularity 2 is one such material, with collectors’ pieces starting at $35. Singularity 2 is the new and improved version of Singularity 1, the first commercially available ‘blackest black’ for … Read more

iFixit has scored Fairphone 3 as the most repairable smartphone: 10/10

Fairphone 3

iFixt in its work together with Fairphone has regarded the Fairphone 3 as the most repairable smartphone in the market as of now. Fairphone 3 scored a repairability score of 10/10. It is a modular smartphone which was recently released. This is the highest score iFixit has ever given to any phone. With a drastically … Read more

Gulia Tofana- a mysterious killer who facilitated the murder of 600 men

Before you start reading this blog, let me put a disclaimer that this is not a work of fiction. Pure history without ta trace of doubt (mild maybe). It is the story of a serial killer Giulia Tofana who killed nearly 600 men in Renaissance Italy. Giulia Tofana ran a makeup factory that sold a … Read more