iFixit has scored Fairphone 3 as the most repairable smartphone: 10/10

Fairphone 3

iFixt in its work together with Fairphone has regarded the Fairphone 3 as the most repairable smartphone in the market as of now. Fairphone 3 scored a repairability score of 10/10. It is a modular smartphone which was recently released. This is the highest score iFixit has ever given to any phone. With a drastically decreasing health of the environment, Fairphone 3 has made a statement by stating the environmental benefits of being able to repair a smartphone.

Long-lasting companion

Fairphone has built the phone with the idea of easy care and a long life. Fairphone 3 has maintained on being as modular as the predecessor, Fairphone 2 is. Both the models received the same score from iFixit. The following reasons justify the score:

  • Fairphone 3 sticks with the company’s principles of modularly designed phones. Besides the battery and screen, the phone consists of another five modules, which makes it easy to repair the phone. They can all be removed with a Phillips screwdriver. Plus, the back cover is slightly easier to remove than it was in the Fairphone 2.
  • No glue involved: The display of the Fairphone 3 is fixed with Phillips screws. While Fairphone left out product accessories most people have at home already, like a charging cable, they included the one screwdriver needed to ease the opening process.
  • It takes slightly longer to open the Fairphone 3 compared to its predecessor, which had a sliding mechanism instead of screws, but the display being fixed with screws results in a more robust phone.

iFixit and Fairphone’s commitment

It is not easy to open up smartphones these days. Companies usually prefer that customers reach out to them for any repair. This was one of the reasons iFixit was established so it could bring to the users different ways to repair their phones rather than going to the companies. Fairphone has done an exceptional thing working with iFixit at a time when many companies are doing the opposite. The company has made it as easy as possible for users to buy spare parts online, and to have access to repair guides and high-quality repair video tutorials. Ifixit published a teardown of the Fairphone 3 online. 

iFixit’s Managing Director Matthias Huisken concludes:

“Made for service and repair, the Fairphone 3 is easily accessible to everyone. It provides a bold alternative to the smartphone business as usual. It is no less than a beacon for much-needed change in the electronics industry. And as someone has said so very well: If it exists, it is possible.”

Environmental benefits of an easily repairable smartphone

As mentioned before, repairing a smartphone in today’s advanced world is not easy. Consequently, people change smartphones quite often and this adds to the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. Therefore, the idea of a modular smartphone is extremely friendly for the environment. It increases the life of the phone and as a result, fewer smartphones will be disposed of and release carbon dioxide. 


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