HUAWEI WATCH GT 2: A more Powerful Fitness Experience

Watch GT 2

Huawei is back with another smartwatch that’s focused on fitness. The Watch GT 2 runs Huawei’s homegrown LiteOS, not Google’s Wear OS, and it ships in two sizes with up to two weeks of battery life.

The 46mm model features a 1.39-inch OLED with 454 x 454 resolution and 22mm strap-like last year’s Watch GT. The smaller, thinner, and lighter 42mm Watch GT 2 scales things back with a 1.2-inch OLED with 390 x 390 resolution and 20mm strap. Both watches are powered by Huawei’s homegrown Kirin A1 chipset, with Bluetooth 5.1, GPS, and optical heart rate sensors. A 5ATM rating means they’re water-resistant at a depth of 50 meters for up to 10 minutes a time. They’re also loaded with sensors to make the most of the fitness tracking and stress monitoring features. And because it’s a smartwatch, it’ll display all your app notifications right on your wrist.

The Watch GT 2 has a mic and speaker so you can now take calls from your wrist, providing the watch is within 150 meters of your phone, Huawei claims. This will obviously impact battery life if you use it regularly, but Huawei still says you’ll get 10 hours of battery life with Bluetooth calling. The company claims the typical scenario of battery life will be 14 days, with GPS mode providing 30 hours and music playback at 24 hours.

Huawei has added support for 15 workout modes, including running (road, trail, and treadmill), walking, hiking, cycling, and swimming (pool or open water), as well as gym machines and free-weight training. There’s enough storage for about 500 songs to keep you motivated.

And yes, there’s an always-on mode, but it seems to be an option that’s not enabled by default. For battery life, Huawei’s measurements were made when the screen is turned on 200 times a day.                                                                                            

All-in-one 3D glass design 

The Watch GT 2 has taken on the footsteps of the previous version in terms of design. The classic design has stayed, however, the Watch GT 2 has further upgraded the aesthetics with a full-screen and borderless design due to the all-in-one 3D glass surface users can now have a wider look and feel. The dial of the 46mm series adopts beveled sculpting and gemstone processing techniques to create 3D curved glass and applies individual carving to create concave spots on the dial for a more vivid look. Treated with multiple processes, the curved dial of the 42mm series is only 9.4mm thin and decorated with an extremely thin, fashionable metal frame.

All-Round health management and professional sports monitoring

Huawei has committed itself to provide the best health management solution for its consumers in the shape of smartwatches. Therefore, Watch GT 2 features a heart rate monitor that helps to monitor bradycardia and heart failure. The user is automatically informed if the heart rate goes beyond 100 bpm or below 50 bpm for longer than 10 minutes. Another important feature that Huawei has added is sleep monitoring. Many people today suffer from poor sleep patterns. HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 monitors sleep quality, real-time heart rate, sleep breathing quality and uses big data analysis to rate sleep quality. It combines Huawei AI technology to accurately analyze sleep problems and provides sleep improvement suggestions

Moreover, Huawei has a lot in stores for sports enthusiasts as well. The watch features 15 sports modes catering to all indoor and outdoor scenarios. The watch provides full-scale monitoring of approximately 190 types of data in all modes. The watch provides targeted pre-exercise data analysis for different sports, data recording analysis during the exercise and professional advice afterward. It is like having a personal intelligent sports coach to make your exercise safer and better.

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