Libratone Track Air+ Review: True Wireless Earbuds featuring Noise cancelling!

True Wireless Earbuds have really become the next new thing in the headphones world. Every company is pushing their own version, be it Samsung or Apple, and Libratone are not far behind either. However, the Libratone Track Air+ are not just a copy of what everybody else is doing. They have thrown in Active Noise Cancelling into the mix, making these a rather attractive package.

Libratone Track Air+ : Features

  • TRUE WIRELESS: TRACK Air+ syncs with your Bluetooth device and never drops out. The earbuds know when you’re wearing them, and automatically stop when you’re not.
  • SMART NOISE CANCELLING: Smart noise cancelling TRACK Air+ automatically adapts to your surroundings, cancelling up to 30 dB of noise. Or you can opt to control it manually.
  • RICH & CLEAR SOUND: Punching well above its weight, these noise cancelling earbuds deliver a deep, immersive sound.
  • 24 HOURS OF BATTERY IN TOTAL: TRACK Air+ delivers 6 hours of battery life on a full charge. When you need a charge, place them into their case – good for 3 full charges. That’s 24 hours of music without ever needing a socket.
  • SWEAT AND SPLASHPROOF DESIGN: TRACK Air+ are sweat and splash-proof up to IPX4.
  • WIRELESS CHARGING CASE: Lay the earbuds into their wireless charging case. Good for 3 full charges – a total of 24 hours battery life. The case plugs into any socket via USB-C. Or you can use the Libratone COIL wireless charger.
  • CUSTOMISABLE EARBUDS DOUBLE TAP FUNCTION: Double tap function can be customised via the Libratone app.

Look and feel

I am sorry to have to subject you to this, but here is me modelling the Libratone Track Air+ myself. They fit in well, they look good. At 5.6g each, they are very light and that makes them very comfy and easy to wear for long lengths of time. I am not a big fan of in-ear stuff, as my ears get tired very quickly, but I must have had these on for a good 4-5 hours yesterday.

The case itself is tiny too, making it rather easy to throw in a backpack or squeeze in your pocket.


The earbuds are designed to be paired to your phone’s Bluetooth. Both of them pair individually themselves, and then whichever one talks to your phone first, the other one pairs to it. So while you pair them both, in actual practice only one is paired to your phone, and the other one just talks to the paired one.

I did notice a slight funny niggle when pairing. It seemed like the left and right were labelled incorrectly as far as their names were concerned. Not that it matters, but I did have to do a double take and look at the ‘R’ on the earbud as the settings showed Track Air LEFT being paired to my phone.

After that, you can install the Libratone app to take things further, or leave things here if you prefer.

Battery Life and charging

They promise to offer 6 hours on a single charge, with up to 18 hours of extra time through the case. I wore them for a few hours on end, but never quite got as far as 6 hours, and by my calculations, the battery life checks out.

Call Quality

While these kind of earbuds are not really my favourite handsfree kits, the call quality is decent and the microphone picks up the sound as well as you’d expect from anything else.

ANC – Automatic Noise Cancelling

This was probably my favourite part of these earbuds. This kicks in as soon as you pop them into your ear, and you almost get that feeling you get in an airplane. Suddenly, things go just that bit quieter, but you don’t know quite why. Throw in some music and you suddenly feel it to be a rather immersive experience. All this without needing to add extra bass on to it.

Sound Quality

The sound quality was pretty good for these. As already mentioned, they come with ANC, which means that the sound can be pretty immersive. Traditionally I have found earbuds to be quite bass heavy, to give you that immersive feeling. However, these ones give you a more natural sound, a more realistic sound experience. The immersion is still there, but that comes thanks to the fact that they cut out outside noise.


If there is one thing that put me off using these, it was the control. The earbuds come with touch controls, and they’re generally hit and miss for most sporty applications. I found that the sound would ‘pause’ after a little while if I was cycling. I am not sure if that was caused by sweat, my hair or the helmet, but it did become annoying after a little while. This meant that while I could use these for car/train based commutes and walks, I didn’t like using them while cycling or running.

More information

More information on the Libratone Track Air+ can be found on the Libratone website. They are available from various online retailers, such as Amazon ( UK | US).

They come in a few colours such as black, white and pink.

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