Gearbox Automatic MkII record player: Vintage sound+cutting edge tech

Gearbox Automatic MkII

The Gearbox Automatic MkII record player has Spotify connected track recognition over Wi-Fi. Moreover, it features Bluetooth wireless streaming as well as a built-in valve phono stage. It simply is a hi-fi turntable that defies convention. It has taken its adorable jewel-like design from  Dieter Rams’ iconic 1955 Braun PC 3 SV record player.

The Gearbox Automatic MkII record player is not only catchy for the eyes due to its design but it also has incredible features to offer. It not only has Bluetooth connectivity for streaming vinyl wirelessly but also integrates Gearbox’s own onboard music recognition technology that enables users to add tracks from their record collection to their Spotify playlist. This can be done with just a swipe of the finger connecting retro analog playback with modern digital tech.

The Design

Improving on the original Gearbox Automatic design, the MkII model features an upgraded belt drive with an aluminum pulley to ensure better speed stability. The electronics have also been updated for better all-round performance, while the Gearbox Automatic app is now slicker and easier to use than ever.

Another thing that gives this turntable an upper hand in the market is the high-fidelity built-in valve phono stage. This valve has been designed in a way to move magnet cartridges such as the built-in OM10. this enables users to easily plug the turntable into any line input. 

Moreover, Gearbox Automatic MkII, in partnership with Austrian turntable specialist, Pro-Ject Audio Systems, features audiophile sound which includes an ultra-low mass tonearm with adjustable counterweight, a 7-inch glass platter with a felt mat, and push-button switching between 33rpm and 45rpm speeds. 

saKey Features

  • Pro-Ject ultra-low-mass tonearm
  • Ortofon OM10 moving magnet cartridge
  • Bluetooth for wireless headphone/speaker connectivity
  • Wi-Fi enabled with Gearbox Automatic app for track recognition and Spotify playlist addition
  • Built-in 12AX7 valve phono stage
  • Glass platter and felt mat
  • Upgraded flat belt drive with aluminum pulley
  • Uprated electronics for improved performance
  • Gold-plated RCA plugs for wired output

  • Unweighted total harmonic distortion of <1% (0.2V on 12AX7 valve)

Pricing and Availability 

Price £549 RRP

The gearbox will have an exclusive showroom at Spiritland’s new headphone bar for the launch of MkII. the turntable will be made available for people to test drive at 3 New Burlington Street (W1S 2JF). Moreover, Gearbox will reimburse up to £50 of travel expenses for anyone who purchases a MkII. 

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