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JAXJOX Revolutionizes Recovery with New Foam Roller Connect

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Fitness fanatics can rejoice with the unveiling of JAXJOX’s newest creation: The Foam Roller Connect. Developed by the leading internationally renowned fitness technology company, the Foam Roller Connect follows the sensational release of the Kettlebell Connect only earlier this very year. Aimed at enhancing the post-workout recovery process, this vibrating foam device is up for grabs today, exclusively at Apple stores worldwide.

The evolutionary unveiling of the Foam Roller Connect is a marked stepping stone for JAXJOX as it serves as a passageway into becoming a true global fitness giant. Not only that but it is also a major breakthrough for the fitness world, particularly when it comes to the recovery aspect. Perhaps, the best feature of the JAXJOX Foam Roller Connect is that it is up to date with the technological aspects of today. Fully compatible with the JAXJOX app, Apple Health and Apple Watch, the Foam Roller Connect pairs up with your handheld device to make for a more personalized recovery journey through statistics monitoring and integration.

CEO and Co-Founder of JAXJOX, Stephen Owusu, detailed the reveal, ““We are excited to be launching the Foam Roller Connect. At JAXJOX, innovation is at the core of everything we do. We are committed to revolutionising the at-home fitness space and making it easier for consumers to attain their wellness goals. Apple Watch and Health app integration with the Foam Roller Connect will give consumers an easy way to track their recovery and improve their overall wellness. Consumers no longer have to enter their data manually. They can focus on what matters most, their health.” 


JAXJOX has clearly kept its consumer market in mind when designing the Foam Roller Connect as it carries not only the best technological functions but houses it all in a stylish and sleek encasing. The trustworthy Foam Roller Connect works by targeting the affected area through varied vibration. This process strives to deconstruct scar tissue, reduce muscle soreness and increase the individual’s mobility.


JAXJOX’s Foam Roller Connect is extremely simple to use. At the mere touch of a button, users can key in their required recovery process. The device is highly customisable, with users having the option to select what workout they have engaged in, what area has been affected and what intensity they would prefer. Once these crucial pieces of information have been entered, the Foam Roller Connect will calculate the required duration for healing and act accordingly.

Range of options

The JAXJOX Foam Roller Connect is anything but inclusive. Its option settings range from physical activities like hiking, boxing, swimming, jogging, yoga and strength training while muscle areas are divided into the back, feet, calves, glutes, shoulders, triceps, hamstrings and the neck as well as many more.

Pricing and Availability 

You can purchase the JAXJOX Foam Roller Connect now for only £99.95

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