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How Tech Progressed in 2018 and The Biggest Trends Seen

A lot of exciting developments happened in 2018. Here are some of the most significant trends seen in the tech industry.

Delivery Robots

Starship Technologies’ wheeled delivery bots provide last-mile deliveries in select cities. Customers can choose where and when they want the package delivered as well as monitor the progress of the robot in real time through an app.

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Internet of Things

Air conditioners, home security systems, water filtration systems, and light bulbs are only a few examples of IoT solutions. Aside from providing sensors, IoT also allows users to execute a command. For instance, thermostats can be adjusted without touching the device. An AI solution will send configuration changes to the thermostat, and the device will execute thee changes without human intervention.

Voice Assistants and Chatbots

Voice assistants and chatbots are getting wiser. An excellent example of this is Amazon’s Alexa. The voice assistant helps users manage daily tasks, check the weather, manage calendar and do other tasks. Alexa can also integrate with various third-party services and products like Uber. Moreover, this voice assistant can be used to control automated devices in the house such as the doorbell.

AI-powered chatbots help IT Service Management organizations handle large amounts of front-line calls, and IT requests. Since chatbots can understand questions correctly at a higher rate today, service management solutions can quickly route callers to the right backend process.

Mobile gaming

While mobile gaming is not a revelation for 2018, the fact that games like Fortnite not only got sued, they also created the famous ‘flossing’ dance and memes gives you a good idea of how influential games were, and will carry on to be. Similarly, the same can be said for casino and similar games. If you’re looking for a place where you can play roulette, consider signing up to Genting. Use your Genting Casino promotional code and get amazing bonuses.

Modern Banking Methods  

Banks have adopted sophisticated methods to make transactions more accessible for customers. Mobile-only bank Monzo has been providing mobile banking for customers across the United Kingdom since 2017. Users were able to quickly transfer funds, track their expenditure and use the card overseas with any currency. In 2018, TransferWise launched a Borderless Account with a card that allows users to receive and send money anywhere with zero fees.

E-commerce Dominance

Many businesses are using AI, customization, streamlined customer service, various payment options and order history for repeat orders to attract customers and encourage them to load up their shopping carts. It has become more secure and much more comfortable to shop online with retailers hosting different brands under a single roof and implementing safety measures to protect their customers.

Big Data

Big data technology has become an essential source of information that is crucial for machine learning. For instance, chatbots can be applied to big data to provide customer-centric organizations with data points that they can use to improve customer experience. Chatbots capture clear reactions and provide analytics to retailers when consumers use verbal requests to make purchases or navigate websites. AI-powered analytics will give retailers enough data to predict the emotional responses of customers and allow them to customize customer experience with a focus on making customers happy. This increases the chances that their customers will come back in the future.

New developments will continue to appear as we continue our search for convenience and growth.



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