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Biggest Predictions in Tech for 2019

When you’re always up-to-date with the latest happenings in an industry, you can identify trends and predict where things are possibly headed. Here are the most significant predictions in tech for 2019.

Technology Will Have a Much Larger Role in Boosting Workplace Wellness

Technologies that enhance the human touch will be more popular as employers will progressively prioritize their employees’ holistic wellness as a way to improve their company. Businesses will focus on transformative technologies that enhance workplace wellness by understanding employee experience. Natural language processing, AI and other maturing technologies will also help companies understand their employees’ daily lives. This will allow them to make actionable insights that will improve their organization.

Workspace Will Grow

Automation software and AI will become more popular among organizations, and this means employees will spend more time in various settings and less time sitting at their desk. Innovative companies will provide employees with a network of spaces that they can access based on what they want to achieve such as to work on their own or to brainstorm a new service or product.

Data Security Will Significantly Improve

Data should be protected at all times. Software developers and business leaders are thinking of ways on how to incorporate security into their development process. In 2019, they will add security detection measures at the code level to protect code against intruders and watch out for anomalous activities.

Multi-cloud Deployments Will Reduce Downtime

Single cloud designs can cause application downtime. Those who want to move their data-driven applications to the cloud will have to make sure that they are multi-cloud and hybrid in design to ensure uniform performance and zero downtime.

Mobile Entertainment

We will continue to rely on our phones and tablets for mobile entertainment. Be that streaming films or playing games. Get 50 free spins Thunderstruck no deposit and enjoy amazing bonuses!

Agile Development Will Rise

Agile development will play a bigger role in product development. Designers and developers will use agile processes to allow for experimentation. They will test ideas, make rational improvements and measure the result of their campaigns based on data. More organizations will use this approach as the demand for more personalized experiences continues. This will help them focus their resources and time on developing products and services that matter the most to their customers.

AI and Visual Data Will Provide a More Personalized and Valuable Experience in Communications

Artificial intelligence and visual data will significantly improve the value of communications services. Virtual meetings will become more valuable and productive than in-person meetings. Deals will also close faster and administrative work will lessen. The video communications industry will continue to grow.

Smart Panels Will Supplement Keyboards and Displays

People want ease of use and flexibility. Smart techs will help brands establish human connections with customers and give the emotional support they need when making difficult purchases.

Financial Firms Will Use AI for Back-office Applications

More financial companies will use AI for back-office applications because artificial intelligence is efficient in solving narrow, well-defined problems.

SMBs Will Favor a Service Approach that Depends on a Single IT Provider

Many SMBs will abandon their efforts to maintain and manage their own IT. They will take advantage of new technologies, and this could mean favouring service approach that depends on a single IT provider that can provide the solutions and resources required to deliver an integrated and seamless IT environment.

Technology will continue to improve. Let’s wait and see where these developments will take us in 2019.


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