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My Summery Sydney Christmas

This is my first Christmas. Practically, yes. Previously I have been living in predominantly Muslim countries where Christmas was just taken to be a token of pretty red adorned Christmas trees and a white-bearded Santa. Some malls were decorated were with Christmas lights and trees but that was it. Ever since my childhood Christmas fascinated me but as mentioned earlier I never got to enjoy the zeal of it.

I moved to Australia just a month and a few days ago. Hence it is practically my first Christmas. However, it is a little different from what I had imagined a traditional Christmas to be. Yes, its summer here and hence it is not a white Christmas. A very bright and shiny Christmas!


Luckily I had a friend from Brisbane visiting Sydney over the Christmas. Hence, all the more reasons and ideas. We sorted out our list of places to visit beforehand. What topped our list was Martin Place’s Christmas tree and St. Mary’s Cathedral’s light show.

Sydney that evening was not as crowded as usual because most of the people prefer spending time with their families on Christmas. As we got down the Town Hall train station, we were caught by surprise. The Town Hall looked magically beautiful and had a special carols performance going on. Rev Dale Yardy, the Senior Pastor at MCC Sydney, brought up a Christmas story. The moment was magical. both the architecture and music were there to cast a spell.



Our next stop was Darling Harbour. Glowing with Christmas festivities it looked beautiful as ever.


Then came the time to tick off our checklist. St. Mary’s Cathedral, the spiritual center of Sydney’s Catholic community, was there to fill us in awe of its beautiful facade lit light show. I wonder if the right word is magical or majestic. Walking away when we were done was not easy.

Finally, our most awaited spot that is Martin Place (the heart of Sydney) ‘s larger than life Christmas tree. With the Christmas carols and a bundle of joy that looked like a Christmas tree, our hearts were all joy and blessings.

From a distance
This is the stuff dreams are made of!

For the Christmas service, we decided to visit a nearby church ‘Our Lady of Dolours Church’. Though we could not understand much that was going on, we loved the choir.


I hope I mentioned it earlier that the city was almost empty. But as soon as we reached Manly (yeah, it is a beach) we instantly got to know where everyone had gone. It seemed that almost all Sydney was partying on the beaches today. There is no day better than a warm summer day to enjoy Christmas on the beach. I know it will come as a shock to my London readers. But yeah!

Hello world!

All in all, it has been probably the best time of my life. May the entire world keeps enjoying the brightness of this  day until forever

And hey, Merry Christmas. Also, enjoy a great new year party. I will probably get back with the New Year updates. Till then watch out this space for more fun stuff 🙂

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