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A Chat with Adnan Jaffar


We spoke to Adnan Jaffer, who plays the role of Hasan Chughtai in the recently released film “Pinky Memsaab”. Check it out.

Can you talk to us about your role, what is the feedback you’re getting?

Adnan Jaffar: This film is of a highly realistic nature. It’s about regular people. We have a lot of supporting characters which are from different nationalities. When you’re shooting a Dubai story, you have to be very inclusive of the nationalities because of the metropolis itself and the spectrum of nationalities it encompasses. We have Russians, Filipinos, Argentinians, Spanish nationals. We got to make a lot of friends.

The story of Pinky Memsaab:

Adnan Jaffar: It’s just the kind of story and characters that the audience will resonate with. The feedback has been immense and incredible and positive. People I don’t know have come up to me and gotten in touch with me and have congratulated me. I didn’t know it would be so big, it’s very flattering. I was enamored by the story initially. It came at a time when I was shooting Parwaz Hai Junoon. It was shot on a very large scale. Coming to a genre of Pinky Memsaab, it’s very good for an actor. It teaches us to be more versatile, more flexible and handle all sorts of characters.

His Character in the Film:

The audiences will look at these characters and say, oh I know someone like Hasan Chughtai. This arrogant investment banker who has this story of his life that we see in Pinky Memsaab. It was great fun to work with Kiran Malik, who plays Mehr the Memsaab. She’s done a fantastic job because this is her first time and she has always been a model. So there was a lot of action and reaction that we had to play off with and she did a tremendous job.¬†Credit goes to Shazia Ali Khan who really grilled us and brought out the best in us.

Doing Films over Dramas:

Adnan Jaffar: It’s not a conscious decision to do just dramas. I am very open to roles in dramas. It’s just that most of my projects this year have been films and they’ve come back to back. So people assume and presume that oh he’s just a film actor. Nothing like that is what is the case here. I would love to do dramas.

I am so glad you asked this question. I’d like to put this out to the producers there that I am not at all uninterested in dramas. At the end of the day, the bread and butter is coming from dramas.

Dramas are women-centric but even Pinky Memsaab is in a way women centric. But the treatment is done in a film-centric way. Dramas are done a bit differently, you’ve got one close shot, one master shot, you’re done for the day. People do tell me Adnan we don’t see you in dramas – and I’m like, okay go to the big screen and see me!

The digital revolution!

Adnan Jaffar: I just did a web-episode for Teeli. It’s got a good following and it was a very interesting topic, the gora complex. It was really interesting – they are the in thing. You can experiment a lot. A lot of young people are doing it because they’re not answerable to censors. It’s just the audience who is the judge and that’s the best thing.

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