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A Chat with Kiran Malik

Model turned actress Kiran Malik starred as “Mehr” in Pinky Memsaab, a recent film released across GCC and Pakistan. Kiran is also starring in Zarrar opposite Shaan Shahid and we caught up with this talented actress to talk about her experience in working in an indie film and starting acting only recently.


On the reactions in Dubai and Pakistan about Pinky Memsaab:

Kiran Malik: We had been very nervous when the film was releasing in Pakistan because we hadn’t watched the film until then. Here we were even more nervous. I live here [in Dubai]. Being an expat myself, I know that the expat community would watch it. That’s what I am in the film as well. So my big question is … have I done justice to the expat socialite that they have seen in their lives? Have I done it well? We’ve seen this ‘expat socialite’ a lot, we’ve seen her everywhere. So it would be important to me if they saw the reality in my portrayal.

Can she relate to Mehr the Memsaab? Is it relatable to other people?

Kiran Malik: I can so relate to it. But don’t think of Memsaab as a Dubai memsaab. Even in Pakistan, we have these homemakers who go through the same issues. For example, every time I go to Pakistan, my mother’s greatest issue in Pakistan is what all is going with her maid. Then you see all these passionate people in households, in families, who aren’t pursuing their passion. Forget for a moment that this girl is an expat. It could be any girl like you or me struggling in her life.


How did she come into acting?

Kiran Malik: Bas … hogai. I don’t know how it happened. But the credit goes to Shaan. If he hadn’t recognized me as an actress, I wouldn’t have known I could do this. So ask him this question! A lot of people said that to me and asked me about how I came into acting after such a long time. I’m forty this year! But the truth is that there is no connection between acting and age. And I’ve been so so lucky, God has been so kind. How many girls have done Indie films in Pakistan? All big actors and actresses have done indie films. Sanam Saeed and Aaminah Sheikh, who I adore and look up to so much, they’ve done indie films. So to me, Luck has been very kind.

What is the kind of role she would like to do?

Kiran Malik: What is missing in Pakistani cinema is action films for girls. A female action missing from our stream. A desi wonder woman. I mean, let’s do it!¬†Banatay hain!

Advice for aspiring actresses:

Kiran Malik: Whatever it is you want to do, do it. You want to act. Be a model. Drive a motorcycle. Do it. Age should not stop you. I have a ten year old. I have a job. Just prioritize and respect your elders. Life is too short.

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