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A Chat with Shazia Ali Khan, director Pinky Memsaab

Filmmaker and writer, Shazia Ali Khan shares some pearls of wisdom for the people who want to venture into filmmaking.

The three lessons for aspiring filmmakers:

Shazia Ali Khan: I would say that stay true to your story. Don’t be as stupid as I was. Don’t think that you can do all of it. I’m probably one of the very few people in the history of time who have written, directed and coproduced a film. That is a big no-no. It breaks you inside. And it makes you do irrational things. The team around you, from the producers to the distributors, need to share your vision about the concept of what a good film is. If they’re not, then people pull you in all directions and it will ruin the project. And the third thing is if you can’t find the money for your project, which is the most common hurdle, don’t compromise on the integrity of your story. A good story will find its finances. But you’ll have to work hard.

How does she respond to the reactions of Pinky Memsaab from Pakistan:

Shazia Ali Khan: The reactions in Pakistan had been mixed. It wasn’t a set film, spelt out. It took them by surprise, this genre. The premiere in Pakistan was a big affair. And they watched it in three different cinemas and it was amazing how three different cinemas responded differently. That is how bipolar the reaction has been. The news is mostly good. I do feel I’ve oversold it through the trailer. Candidly put. The audiences will decide. Let the box office decide.

Does she ever want to do this again?

Shazia Ali Khan: There are days when I get up and tell myself I am never doing this again and by the evening I do want to do all of this again. It’s sort of a nasha. Definitely, I am going to do this again. And glad to see that the team already has quite a few offers.

Shazia’s film Pinky Memsaab is running in Pakistan and GCC at the moment. 

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