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Transform your Home into a Smart Home

While the idea of having a smart home is quite alien to many, for others, who consider themselves gadget-friendly, it’s the dream. Imagine this: walking into your home to the song you feel like listening to in that moment; your home is at the perfect temperature, the lights downstairs are on and the TV has already put on your favourite show. These are just a few features provided by the various smart home devices, but they offer a whole lot more.

air quality, smart home

The smart home device you choose will depend on your home situation. Family homes often opt for entertainment or security options such as a smart security packages. If it is a working household in question, from which perhaps you run your business or gather fellow freelancers, then there is an array of smart ways to make your home more professional. With regards to tech in the home, previously ground-breaking technologies like dial-up internet and Microsoft Office packages have come a long way. Now we have fibre optic broadband and Office packages that can serve multiple devices via the cloud.

Smart home assistants are another great example of this progression. A number of them are more affordable than one might think and often make appearances on Christmas and birthday wish lists. Make sure to do your research and buy the right option to suit your home. With that in mind, we’ve gathered a selection of items that are guaranteed to make your home smarter:

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo works together with Alexa, its voice assistant, to perform a range of different tasks for the user. The Echo device must always be connected to Wi-Fi and accesses cloud services and Bluetooth when it needs to. For questions like “what is the weather like today?” or “how do I cook a steak”, Amazon Echo will come back with an answer almost immediately. It can also act as an alarm and timer, it can play music from your streaming platform and even control your TV.

Google Home

This is the other popular alternative to the Amazon Echo. While both devices serve a similar purpose, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to both. Make sure to do your research and choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

Nest Thermostat

This smart device makes sure your home is permanently at the perfect temperature. By connecting to your Android, the thermostat allows users to control the heating at home manually. With the help of a machine learning algorithm, Nest can detect the users’ routine and create a schedule that suits you.

Netatmo Welcome

Security is top on the agenda for many when it comes to smart homes. The Netatmo Welcome indoor security camera is simple to set up and connect with an app on your phone. With face recognition, the camera can recognise your friends or family, but as soon as there is a strange face in the house, or it hears an alarm, it will send an immediate alert to your phone with a video included.

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