Ayesha Ali at YGKH- Changing the food scene of Lahore like no one before

Almost every foodie living in Lahore and using social media is familiar with this not-too-new internet sensation Ayesha Ali whose brand Yeh Ghar Ka Hai (famously known as YGKH) sets everyone drooling and in awe.

‘ I have always been into cooking. Coming from a typical Kashmiri family of Lahore, food was a religion to us. My greatest inspiration was my mother who taught me all the authentic cuisines that I cook till date’ , says Ayesha.

The chef at work

Her husband Ali Butt, an enthusiastic foodie and self learned photographer, would take her pictures and post in various food groups on Facebook. Soon people insisted her to cook for them and since then there is no looking back. From being featured in various publications to hosting the most popular food stall in the famous Coke Food festival, this lady will never give you a dull moment.  Moreover she also offers food consultancy services both locally and internationally. Although she started from Lahore, foodies all around now know YGKH as a household name.

High time we stop writing and start gazing at her scrumptious food.

Strawberry Tres Leches Cake

Croissant and Eggs

Traditional Club Sandwiches

Chicken Nihari

Strawberry French Toasts


Caramel Pudding

Strawberry Trifle with Lemon Rolls

Qeema bharay Karailay

Mutton Karahi

Cheesy Tortilla Wraps

Nutella and Strawberry Trifle

Chicken Chowmein

Banoffee Pie


Spicy Papri Chaat

Homemade Bagels

Malai Boti with Naan

Peri Peri Chicken

Punjabi muton pulao

Food coma anyone? Not to mention we can not breathe anymore. It seems posting such good food is cruelty of high order. Someone sue Ayesha for all this torture or maybe order some from her? Lahore is blessed for sure. Happy eating, guys!

Suggestions: Hareesa, Zarda, Pulao, Palak Gosht, Payai

Ayesha Ali can be reached at https://www.facebook.com/Yeh-Ghar-Ka-Hai-YGKH-1471322679823712/

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