How to Pass Microsoft Azure 70-532 Certification Exam

If you pass the Microsoft 70-532 Certification exam, you become a specialist in Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions. The first thing that people who are prepared to pass the exam is to have the best resources which included books, study materials both video and online tutorials as well as practice tests and more for that exam.

It is worth noting that this exam tests on a huge amount of information and content that is related to virtual machines, cloud computing, storage strategy, networking and more. Obtaining some good training resources is important when you want to pass this exam.

For this reason, it is good to take advantage of the available study materials and sources so that you get the required experience to tackle the exam. The shared information below is from an expert who sat for the exam and passed. You can enroll in a Microsoft Azure training online to get a structured program to help you succeed.

Let’s find out how to pass Microsoft 70-532 Certification exam.

Exam’s intended audience

The Prepaway Microsoft 70-532 exam is intended for a developer audience If you have hands-on experience as a .NET developer, then preparing for this exam is easy. this is because the exam is tested on development tools, techniques and the ability to develop accessible and robust services.

Skills tested

Below are the skills that are tested:

  • Website creation and implementation (15-20%);
  • Building and maintaining virtual machines (20-25%);
  • Creation and implementation of cloud solutions (20-25%);
  • Creation and implementation of storage strategy (20-25%);
  • Maintaining application and network solutions (15-20%).

The percentage shows the exam content on each objective section. Note how it is evenly distributed in each objective area. You can get the complete exam objectives from Microsoft website.

Video tutorial/training

Microsoft provides many video tutorials for the Microsoft 70-532 exam. Below is a list of the video tutorials you can use while studying the exam showing the respective length of each video tutorial.

  • Developing Microsoft 70-532 solutions
  • Microsoft 70-532 fundamentals
  • Microsoft 70-532 fundamentals websites
  • Exam 70-532 prep session
  • Azure video tutorials

Download Here:

The official reference books

Microsoft Azure offers quite a number of books. The one that is good for the Microsoft 70-532 exam is theExam Ref 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions 1st Edition.This book is a great one when it comes to excellent study materials to be added to your list of other materials since the exam content is mostly extracted from this book.  Note that you should not depend on one study resources. Diversify on many resources.Find free eBooks from the sources below:

  • Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure – Provide as a Free eBook from Microsoft Press and Microsoft Virtual Academy. The eBook is prepared by Michael Collier and Robin Shaha. The content written in this eBook is aimed at introducing Developers and IT experts to a wide range of features and capabilities that exist within the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure (DevOps, Availability, Storage, more)–This is prepared by Scott Guthrie, Mark Simms among other authors and made available via Microsoft Press as a free eBook. This free eBook follows a pattern-based method for designing factual-world services with Microsoft Azure. The topics covered include Architecture and coding practices.


The documentation is a perfect study resource platform that has powerfully been designed and accepts contributions from other platforms through GitHub. It is highly recommended for people to scroll through the documentation reading all the details to add to other study resources.

Practice Tests

The official practice test vendors haven’t provided any practice exam for 70-532 exam. For this reason, it is highly recommended for one to develop your own practice test questions to aid you as you prepare for the exam. You can take the practice test at ExamSnap website.

Note that the list available there is not comprehensive but it is a good tool to prepare for the exam.

Microsoft 70-532 Exam Pass Tips

To pass the Microsoft 70-532 exam successfully use these techniques:

  • Study each exam objective category and ensure you have a complete knowledge of the topic
  • Ensure to prepare yourself for three study resources on every subject. The variety of the topics will make it possible for you to grasp a lot of information.
  • Ensure to equip yourself with hands-on experience although reading books is also good.
  • Prepare flash cards or practice exam tests to help you remember the information that can be remembered.
  • Don’t get stressed up thinking about failing the exam. You will study the topics that are crucial and you can always retake the exam in case you fail.
  • Set a target. Once you find yourself in a comfortable study speed, approximate the time you will have been preparing yourself for the Microsoft 70-532 exam and schedule it.
  • Let your family support you so that you can have time to study for your exam while they do other daily jobs you could have done.
  • Schedule the online proctored exam. This will help you take your example in a comfortable environment where you will not encounter distractions.

The exam contains a pool of questions which is very huge; however, the case studies are exciting. Note that you will encounter trick questions but it is the best way to validate your knowledge.

Most importantly, you must not jump on this exam without having worked with Cloud solutions like Web Role or Worker Role as this can make you fail the exam. To ensure you equip yourself effectively, learn and understand Cloud Solutions.


To be a specialist in Developing Microsoft Azure Services, you must pass the Microsoft 70-532. To prepare for this exam you must equip yourself with the best resources such as books, study resources like video tutorials and online tutorials and also take practice tests and many other resources. Note that the exam has a pool of questions so get prepared and don’t be afraid of failing since you can always retake the exam.

All the best! And we hope this information will help you pass the Microsoft 70-532 exam.

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