4 Steps for users to add audio to video through Movavi video player

When you think of a good video editing software, you think of something that has the capability of turning a video that you shot on your smartphone to a professional looking video shot on a high-end camera. While there are plenty of video editors in the market, Movavi Video Editor has firmly made its niche with the host of interesting features of the player and the multiple ways in which it helps the users begin their movie editing career. Movavi editor can cut, edit, spice up your videos, alter them, sync around, clean up, add music to images, add music to video and do many other such jobs which other video editors might fail to do.

Movavi offers its users a 30-day free trial version and adds a watermark on the files which it creates. The entire version of the video editor costs $39.99, which is a lot less than other well-known video editors. Let’s check out how you can add music to a video with Movavi.

Step #1: Movavi Video Editor has to be installed

The foremost step is a no-brainer. If you don’t have Movavi video player installed in your computer, this is definitely going to be the first thing to do. Download it and install it in your Mac or PC.

Step #2: Add your favourite media files to Movavi

Launch the video editor and choose ‘Create project’ which you will find in the welcome window. Now that you wish to add audio to a video that you have already shot, you have to click on ‘Add Media Files’ to upload the audio and video files which you wish to merge. Once you choose the audio files, they will be added on the Timeline board and you will find the video files being placed on the video track and the audio files on the audio track.

Step #3: Cut and adjust the music file

In case the length of the sound and video track doesn’t match, you will have to edit the music file in different ways. If you find the music file to be longer than the length of your video, you have to shift the red marker towards the end of the video and click on ‘Split’ button. On the contrary, if the video is longer, you can copy the music file twice and place them side by side.

Step #4: Save what you just did

The final step is to click on Export and choose the manner in which you would want to save the video in your computer. Choose the format that you desire or you can also keep the ready-made preset for your smartphone device. Prepare the video if you wish to upload it on any social networking site. Lastly, select the destination where you wish to save the file.

So, now that you know how to add sound to a video, download Movavi Vide Editor and let it perform all the required tasks for you. Combine several videos into one, insert transitions, add filters or special effects and do many more such things to decorate your videos.


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