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The Top 3 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Matters To the World

Artificial intelligence is changing the way people work and live. Big companies such as Google, Toyota and Facebook are on record for being the first institutions to embrace artificial intelligence. This new phenomenon is slowly gaining popularity among the masses due to the many benefits that are already being experienced by businesses and institutions that have implemented it in their day to day operations. Although at first, it looked like a passing cloud, the technology is here to stay. The good thing about artificial intelligence is that it’s not limited to any sector. Its impact can, therefore, be felt in almost all areas of life. Below is a list of reasons why artificial intelligence is of great importance to the world.


  1. Slashed Operational Expenses

In a traditional business setting, a big company must hire many professionals to be able to meet the huge demand of products and services. By so doing such a business ends up spending a lot of money on hiring the people that are able to handle various tasks. With artificial intelligence, companies and small enterprises are able to cut back on their expenses. This is because they are able to bank on computerized systems that perform most of the tasks. A supervisor that works in a busy manufacturing company doesn’t need to micromanage the workers because there is a system that can tell who arrived at work on time or late. Take a company like Toyota for instance. They only need to hire just a few engineers and technicians because most of the tasks in their production plants are handled by robots. In this day and age, companies don’t need to hire accountants to keep checks and balances in order. This is because there are software that use records obtained from point of sale systems to generate balance sheets and other financial statements.

  1. Promotes Efficiency

With artificial intelligence, there is no room for mistakes. This is because the computerized systems follow the laid out guidelines without failure. Humans, on the other hand, make mistakes because they are affected by many distractions. Artificial intelligence is being used in healthcare to diagnose and treat illnesses. Before the coming of artificial intelligence, there were many cases of patients who had been misdiagnosed or worst still, given the wrong medication. Artificial intelligence helps in preventing the occurrence of such mistakes. As a matter of fact, the technology shortens the time that’s taken in diagnosing health problems. Besides that, the technology results in improved productivity wherever it’s used.

  1. Convenience

Artificial intelligence is perhaps the only technology that guarantees convenience. With this technology, you can literally do anything from a remote location. Customers can order for their items while on the go without having to go to a physical store thanks to virtual tours. Gamers have also not been left behind. They can use virtual reality to get immersed in their video games. People who trade online are using robots to place and close trades even when they are away. The robots guarantee that the traders make money even they sleep. The technology is also being used in home appliances to prevent accidents that are caused by overheating. A furnace, for instance, uses artificial intelligence to tell when the heat has gone extremely high to automatically switch off. The technology is also being used by marketers to manage online promotional campaigns. These are just a few examples of how artificial intelligence can simplify our lives. For more details on artificial intelligence, please secure a free consultation with Toby White Artimus.


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