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Top Pakistani Dramas of the Season #6: Belapur Ki Dayan

So we all know television has been experimenting with a lot of themes and ideas and now horror is the new genre they’re experimenting with and we gotta say, we LOVE it. We think you should definitely check out Belapur Ki Dayan on Hum TV.

What’s so great about it?
Primarily, the fact that a horror drama – something that has to stretch for over 40 minutes each week – that seems to be doing well and is very well made is a great reason to watch it. All the performances are pretty solid – considering it’s got veteran actors like Shakeel and newcomers like Sarah Khan and Amar Khan.

What’s it about?
The family of Mirzas has moved into a mansion. And it’s haunted. Oh boy is it haunted. We won’t tell you much more because, hey, what’s the fun in that!

Who are the characters/crew?
The play stars Osama Tahir, Shakeel, Sarah Khan, Amar Khan and Sajida Syed. It’s written by Enam Hassan and directed by Saife Hassan.

When does it air?
The play airs on Thursdays on Hum TV Network.

Check out its first episode here:


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