Want to keep an eye on your little one, while they sleep? Well, opt for Motorola MBP855 CONNECT. It is a blessing from heaven for all moms who wish to have a better view of their baby, from anywhere they want.

It is a 5” portable baby video monitor that works well with both handheld monitors and smartphone. Unlike typical security camera, it offers exceptional features that make is standout among its competitors. From video to sound and temperature notification, it has everything to transcend expectations.

Motorola MBP855 CONNECT – Key Features

Motorola MBP855 CONNECT is one of the best video baby monitors on the market.

Clarity of image:

The image is always crystal clear. You can even see your baby’s chest rise and fall in perfect clarity if she is sleeping. Besides, you can also hear what was said at a normal volume.

The night vision itself is rather focused, which means that you will end up seeing one big circle illuminated instead of the whole vision. The advantage? Unlike most night vision cameras, there is no ‘red LED’ staring at you while you sleep. You won’t know if the camera is in normal mode or night mode.

There was the odd occasion when the night mode just won’t kick in. If you are using the app, you can always force it on.

Long Battery Life

Both the camera as well as the monitor unit feature batteries, meaning you can move them as and when you like.

Its long battery life also supports the quality of video. It can last through the entire night. You don’t have to deal with hibernate mode.


The MBP855 offers two kinds of connectivity. You have a connection to your monitor, as well as a WiFi connection that allows you to connect to it via the app. This allows you to see what is up with your baby wherever you are in the world. Great if you are a nervous parent and want to keep an eye out if you are not at home.

The monitor itself has a 1000 feet range. Some reviews suggested that it won’t work very well, but living in a typical (small) British home meant that this was not a problem.

WiFi wasn’t that great though. The device would often lose connection, and sometimes needed a whole ‘reset’ process to unpair and repair the device to get it working again.


Pan and Zoom

The camera allows you to pan and zoom, meaning if your little one is wriggler or likes to move around, you can always move the camera to bring them back into focus.

Ease of install

It is pretty much good to go as soon as you take it out of the box.

The app requires a bit of setup, but even that is pretty straightforward.

No of cameras to use

Can I install only one camera? This is one of the most important questions that revolve around the minds of parents, with 3-4 kids.

The answer is ‘No’.

Luckily, Motorola MBP855 CONNECT allows you to connect up to 4 cameras to the parent unit. You can keep an eye on every child 24/7. In addition, through parent unit, it’s possible to view all cameras at the same time, though the audio would be from one screen only.

Motorola MBP855 CONNECT – Review Roundup

This two-way communication device does everything it claims it does. You will absolutely love this baby monitor, we guarantee. There are numerous other useful features that make it the only game in the town, such as, night vision mode and room temperature display.

More information

More information on this baby monitor can be found on the Motorola website.

It retails for around £180 and can be bought from the likes of Amazon

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  1. We have this unit with two cameras, it is terrible and loses connection to WiFi and the Parent unit constantly. We contacted the support team and was told there was nothing they could do.

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