TrackR Pixel – never lose those keys!

If you constantly travel for work-related purposes, you should opt for it straight away. It keeps tabs on those valuable items which you can’t afford to lose, such as your car keys or misplaced phone, especially if you are in hurry.

TrackR Pixel – Key Features

Though, it is an upgraded version of TrackR Bravo, but the TrackR Company made sure they are introducing additional features in it, which can compel people to opt for it again & again.

  • Innovative Design: The TrackR Pixel is closer in size to a nickel. It is so small and lightweight; you can attach it to your phone, wallet, and perhaps even cat. On the whole, you can attach it to anything. It is also a tad thicker than its older sibling – TrackR Brave. However, this feature facilitates the LED light, which encircles it. It lights up when you are looking for something; it is easy to spot it in the darkroom too.
  • Alexa Integration: This is the best feature of this product. Unlike other Bluetooth trackers, you don’t have to grab your phone to find your missing things. All you need is to call Alexa to find your missing keys, wallets, or diary. This function was available in the previous version too, but it was a tad different. You need to press the button of pixel to find your phone. This isn’t ideal in case you have missed the keys and phone as well.
  • Replaceable Battery: This feature can be quite challenging for those who have used the previous version of TrackR. In the Bravo, it was tad easier process. It required only swinging of its arm to pop out the battery. However, this isn’t the case with this current version. The manufacturers have reduced the pixel to its 1-inch diameter size. This time, instead of swinging its arm, you have to loose the back panel to replace battery.
  • Sharing Option: Want your family member to share your account and help you in finding your missing items? Well, this possible. Your members can access your account in order to find your precious items. Though, the Alexa factor overpowers this feature, but TrackR Company tried to keep this feature in the current model as well to increase the scope of this product. Therefore, even without Alexa’s help, it can assist you.
  • Top-Notch Performance: Manufacturers of TrackR Pixel have worked on its range too and increased it on a grand scale. If you are in your home and attempting to find something in it, it would be easier. However, some people claim that it loses connection at around 50 feet. In other words, if you are standing outside the home, it would be tough for this device to establish Bluetooth connection and give top-notch performance.

TrackR Pixel – Review Roundup

If you are pondering this question, the answer is ‘Yes’. Though it repeats some of the mistakes of its previous version, the TrackR Company improved its features notably. Plus, its new bright LED light feature will make you fall in love with it – completely.

Connectivity is better. The app has had some good improvements over the year and we can happily see it.

There is the odd issue where you may not be able to see it, but generally speaking, it works reasonably well.

More information

More information on the device can be found on TrackR’s website. Included on the website is a discount code.

It retails for around £24.99 for a single unit, while cheaper bundle prices are also available. Head to the likes of Amazon to get it.

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  1. Hi Sami, this sounds interesting but if I ask Alexa to find my keys does it tell me exactly where they are in the house? Thanks.

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