How to: Reset the Motorola MBP855 Connect to solve connectivity issues

The Motorola MBP855 Connect is the best baby monitor we have tried. It offers a video stream, a great battery life, and on top of all that, the ability to connect to it from anywhere in the world via WiFi. However, during our review, we kept discovering connectivity problems.

Motorola MBP855 Connect: The problem

The camera is great, and it works rather well. The associated monitor always connects to the camera, and I am yet to discover something that suggests otherwise.

However, it is a totally different case with the WiFi connected app. The camera often loses its connection to WiFi (despite placing it next to the router). Sometimes it comes back. Sometimes nothing you do will get it connected to WiFi again.

The best way to deal with such problems is normally to talk to the tech support people.

Luckily, Motorola were more than happy to come back to us.

The solution

The main solution they advised us was to reset the camera. Now some devices come with a ‘reset’ button. The MBP855 does not. Instead, it has a pair button and an on/off rocker switch.

To reset the camera:

1) Turn off the power.

2) Press and hold the pair button

3) Keep holding the pair button and turn on the power

4) Keep the pair button held for 5 seconds

5) Leave the camera for 60 seconds to complete the reset

When logged into your app:

1) Click the settings cog (next to the word offline)

2) Click “Remove Camera”.

This should allow the camera to forget its previous settings and allow you to set it up as new.

Start over

Once you have done the above, you should be able to set it up like new. This includes adding a camera to your app, setting up WiFi on your ‘new camera’, and then letting it connect.

You do need the app

Another bug I found during my review was the fact that occasionally (once every 2 weeks or so), the night vision does not work as expected. If you have the app connected, you can force the night vision to come on through it.

Not sure if that is a problem for our camera only or it extends to others as well.

Your thoughts?

Do you have this baby monitor? Or a different one? You can check our reviews/thoughts on some of the baby monitors we have tried by clicking this link.

Do let us know your experiences as well as if you have one that you’d recommend to us and the readers!

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