O2 Visitors Get Ed Sheeran On A Plate

To celebrate their 10th birthday the O2 are unveiling a number of events and fun treats for their patrons. Earlier this week we wrote about the gift box featuring an interactive game show hosted by Vernon Kay. No birthday party would be complete without a cake and today we can reveal that they have made some very special birthday cakes. These cakes are life-sized versions of Ed Sheeran, Celine Dion and Jamiroquai, quirkily named Ginger Br-Ed Sheeran, Praline Dion and JAM-iroquai.

lara mason o2 10th birthday celine dion ed sheeran jamiroquai cakes

The O2 commissioned Lara Mason, a famed food artist, to design the life-sized cake statues. They are fully edible and made with 400 eggs, 4 ½ stone of butter and 23kg of caster sugar and flour. They took 500 hours to create, weigh more than 15 stone each and their heads are sculpted from white chocolate.

ginger bread ed sheeran cake o2 10th birthday lara mason

The cake statues were on display at the O2 when the real artists played their gigs and fans who couldn’t meet their idols could take a selfie with the cake versions of them instead. Jamiroquai’s cake doppelganger will sadly have to wait until December to be displayed as Jay Kay had to postpone his show due to injury.

celine dion praline cake o2 10th birthday lara mason

Ginger Br-Ed Sheeran is flavoured with ginger and modelled on one of his 2017 outfits. Praline Dion has been styled in the elegant white gown she recently wore to the Billboard Music Awards and is flavoured with praline. JAM-iroquai is a Victoria sponge layered with strawberry jam and wears his famous feather headdress.

jay kay jamiroquai cake lara mason o2 10th birthday

Fans of the artists have already been treated to a cake tasting this week. To find out more about The O2 and the birthday celebrations visit the dedicated section of the O2 website.

Full cake ingredients:

  • 400 eggs
  • 29kg butter
  • 23kg caster sugar
  • 23kg flour
  • 1kg jam
  • 500ml gingerbread syrup
  • 12kg icing sugar
  • 6kg butter
  • 14 litres double cream
  • 17kg dark chocolate
  • 15kg white chocolate
  • 20kg modelling chocolate
  • 70kg fondant icing
  • 5 boxes rice crispier
  • 20 packets marshmallows


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