Follow Marco Polo’s Footsteps From Your Table With Dinner Time Story

After successfully launching in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Dinner Time Story is bringing its show to London. It’s an innovative dining concept which is based around a diminutive animated chef and his culinary adventures, resulting in a multi-sensorial projector-based dinner show. Dinner Time Story will launch in October 2017 as a Silk Road pop-up dining experience, Le Petit Chef. It takes us on a story from Marseilles to Arabia and India, then onto the Himalayas and China, in the footsteps of Marco Polo.

Using cutting edge 3D visual technology and storytelling through flavours, ingredients, sights and sounds, this is sure to be a unique experience for London’s diners. Dinner Time Story is produced by Nadine Beshir and is looking for the perfect location in London to host the world’s smallest chef. She believes that gourmet cuisine should be the main focus with storytelling enhancing each dish while also keeping the diners entertained.

le petit chef dinner time story

During this enchanting experience, guests are seated around the tables, just as they would be at any conventional restaurant but they will watch their very own 3D animated show on the table cloth under the knife and fork. There is a tiny chef moving around the table, babbling in French as he cooks the meals. There will be birds, boats and fire-breathing dragons flying over the plates.

Le Petit Chef was the brainchild of Belgain artist collective Skullmapping, founded in 2010 by award-winning filmmaker Filip Sterckx and owner Antoon Verbeeck. Visual Mapping is usually seen as huge projections at major events but is now available in miniature as Le Petit Chef.

Dinner Time Story runs 9 times a week at The World Trade Club in Dubai and 12 times a week at The Ritz Carlton in Abu Dhabi. Expansion plans for China and Scandinavia are underway. To read more about it visit the Dinner Time Story website. Which part of the world would you visit using this culinary adventure?

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