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bic pens intensity fine

Add A Touch Of Sparkle To Summer Party Invites With Bic Cristal and Fineliner Pens

Summer is a great time to have a party and what better way to brighten up your invitation than with Bic Intensity Fineliner Pens. They come in a range of 11 vibrant colours using water-based ink and have ultra-fine tips for increased precision. Each fineliner pen comes with a metal tip to protect the nib when using stencils, templates or rulers. They are suitable for writing, drawing and colouring and the ink won’t bleed through most papers so there’s no worries if you’re writing on a pad. They also won’t smudge after the ink has dried. They will also brighten up your pencil case as each pen has an individual coloured wrap.

bic pens intensity fine

The Bic Intensity Fineliner Pens come in multipacks of 8, 12 or 20 and the largest pack of 20 has a RRP of £25.

If you’re having a more glitzy party, it might be a good idea to jazz up those invites with a gold or silver pen. Most people associate gold and silver ink with Christmas but that doesn’t have to be the case. Bic offer a pack of Cristal pens in gold and silver with a sleek, mirror finish all year round. The Cristal pens come in a shiny barrel and are ideal for adding a touch of sparkle. They feature a medium ballpoint and have a 1mm tip to give a 0.4mm line width.

bic pens glitter

The gold and silver pens are available in multi-packs and you can read more about them here.

What are your favourite colours in the Bic range?

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