Acer’s Leap Ware Smartwatch Launched

Acer’s global launch event in New York this week was packed with new gadgets and it wasn’t just computers that were showcased. The Leap Ware Smartwatch was also introduced and this item may be of interest to anyone who is keen to use technology to live a healthier lifestyle.

leap ware smartwatchleap ware smartwatch

The Leap Ware Smartwatch is like a virtual coach that helps you track, plan and share your fitness goals. It can measure heart rate, stamina, stress and fatigue levels and exposure to UV rays while you are outdoors and exercising. It also encourages friendly competition by sharing your results with your friends through the Liquid Life app.

leap ware smartwatch

This watch is equipped with the MediaTek MR2523 chipset and has an MT2511 bio-sensing chip. It has a 42mm face presented in a modern circular design and is made from Corning Gorilla Glass which makes it scratch resistant and gives touch sensitivity. The watch also has 3-5 days battery life. The build-in LED light is ideal for any night-time runners. It comes with interchangeable bands in blue and brown although it is compatible with any 20mm watch so it is really easy to customise.

leap ware smartwatch

The Liquid Life app that the Leap Ware Smartwatch pairs with is available on Android and iOS. It can be used to set goals, collect data and earn Power Coins. The Power Coins are redeemable in the Liquid Life market where you can claim rewards and discounts. The app is also where the gamification aspect comes in as you can check how your friends are doing. It adds a fun dimension to an otherwise very functional item and encourages friendly competition.

This item will retail at €139.

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