Keep An Eye On Your Sleeping Baby With VTech Pan & Tilt Baby Monitor



vtech pan tilt baby monitor

Any parent will tell you that bringing home their baby from the hospital for the first time is one of the highlights of their life but few will share that it’s also one of the most terrifying moments too. Now that the baby is home and you’re on your own, without midwives and doctors, the anxiety levels rise. You’re not sure if you’re doing things right and what about when the baby goes to sleep at night in their own nursery?

This is where VTech and their Pan & Tilt Video Baby Monitor step in. This is a device with a pan, tilt and zoom camera which will keep an eye on your sleeping baby and feed the images to you when you’re in the other room. It even has a talk-back feature allowing parents to speak to their baby and soothe them when they wake.


vtech pan tilt monitorThe video baby monitor has a 4.3” colour LCD screen and a secure connection, so nobody else can view the images. There is an automatic night vision setting and digital zoom for crystal clear monitoring. The sound quality is clear and interference free. It also includes five lullabies to help soothe your little one to sleep and there is a five volume setting to adjust to your own baby’s tastes. There is even a room temperature sensor that displays the temperature in real-time on a back-lit screen. If the room drops below a certain pre-set temperature, an alert will sound. Other alerts include a low battery alert and out of range alert. You can switch to a vibrate setting if required.

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Although most parents only use these monitors until their children are out of the toddler stage, it is recommended for ages 0-9 years and parents of older children with special needs might benefit from a device like this.

The unit works on mains power with an included adaptor and has wall mount fixings.

You can read more about this Pan & Tilt Baby Monitor on the VTech website. This item has a RRP of £149.

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