WinX MediaTrans – A look and a giveaway!

We have looked at the WinX Media Trans software for the iPhone in the past as well. It is a great software that allows you to manage your iPhone or iPad without having to use iTunes. While iTunes is annoying for Mac users, it is a particularly painful software for Windows users. The WinX Media Trans makes it easy for everyone.

Of course, the software doesn’t just act as an alternative, it offers a lot more.

While we have looked at some of the features in the past as well, the latest addition to the software is the ability to remove DRM from your bought media via iTunes. This not only includes music and videos but also iBooks. This means that your media is not restricted to your Apple account. You paid for it, and you should own it. WinX Media Trans makes that process easy for you.

In order to celebrate this, WinX are also doing a giveaway:

WinX MediaTrans Giveaway: Get Full License Code to Manage Your iPhone Media Files Now >>

Letting you have the software, which normally retails for $55.95, totally for free. There are caveats, for example, the free version doesn’t come with any upgrades. However, if you enter your email, you can also be in for a chance to win up to 10 copies of the premium version, which comes with lifetime upgrades, and the full shebang!

Some of the other highlight features of the device are as follows:

Transfering Movies

The software allows you to transfer movies on or off your device. Thanks to the new feature, you can also copy and move your DRM protected files off your device and view them anywhere, and on any device.

Transferring Music

Similar to above, you can not only transfer and manage your music, you can also remove DRM from your purchased files. Once again, you can then enjoy it on any other device too.

Transferring 4k Photos

The software can also be used to transfer 4K photos off or on your device.

Managing books

You can import audio iBooks to the iPhone, as well as convert EPUB books to PDF. It can also be used to remove DRM from any books you have bought.


You can transfer videos of any format onto your iPhone. No need to worry about file formats.

Create and Manage Ringtones

The software also allows you to create and manage ringtones. Customisation was never this easy!

Using your iPhone as a USB Drive

Something that has always been annoying about the iPhone is how it doesn’t let you use it as a USB Drive. Having this software bypasses that lock and lets you use your phone as and how you like.

About Digiarty Software:

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