Old Celebrity in Pakistan? Here are our top tips to stay relevant!

Like everywhere else, Pakistan has its fair share of celebrities that lose their charm or relevance as time goes on. Pakistan though, is the land of opportunities. Over the last few decades, it has taught celebrities (and us) the many ways you can add a few more years (or decades) to your fame.

The ideas are simple. The execution may not be.

Here are some of the ways celebrities have used to keep going!

Open a boutique/garment range

It probably started with Aijaz Aslam back in the 90s, but now everyone is doing it. Why not! You may not be a face on the telly, but you can definitely be a name on somebody’s jacket!

Actor? Become a singer; Singer? Become an actor

Okay, this one takes a bit more than just money. We have seen quite a few singers take to acting in the last few years. We have also seen quite a few fail.

Alternatively, we have also seen quite a few actors try singing. Hasn’t quite worked as well as the other half.

Join a political party

Okay, this has happened over and over again. From Imran Khan’s PTI to Tariq Aziz, every now and then a celebrity has a go at this, and fails.

Become a social media troll

Oh yes. That is definitely one route taken by a lot of people in Pakistan. Especially the politicians who never made it.

Become a talk show host/panelist

This is probably more relevant for the ones that failed in the political journey above. Or for journalists. But talk shows are the place to be it seems!

Go super religious

And sadly, this has also been the case a lot. Celebs have suddenly gone religious, and taken a new lease as they start hosting religious shows, or discussions. Not always the best route in our opinion, but hey ho!

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