Running this summer? This one technique helps you go longer and faster!

As Spring kicks in and the daffodils start to appear, it is only natural that we start to seek more time outdoors. For many of us, it is things like a gentle stroll or cycle through a park or to work. For many others, it could be the taking up of a hobby such as cycling or running while the weather stays nice. Running is a great exercise, and I personally find it to be a lot more intensive than cycling. It helps build stamina and also gives me way more endorphins than cycling does!

However, running comes with its problems. For most people who run, injuries are the biggest issue.

Some of the obvious problems are often talked about and addressed.

For example, you should make sure you have the right shoes. This is often related to your gait. Depending on how your foot falls, your shoe may or may not be supporting you, putting undue pressure on your knees or ankles. A good comfortable shoe also looks after your feet and ensures that your toes are properly protected.

However, personal experience has taught me one thing, and that is what I really want to talk about in this article.

It is all about the toenails. It may be just me, it might be to do with my gait, or it may be for everyone. Maybe it is something runners don’t like talking about.

However, for me, I have often found that if my toenails are not clipped as neatly and cleanly as possible, they often start to rub against my toes, starting to cause cuts and sometimes even bleeding. This is often worse if your shoe is a bit on the tighter side too. All this is only noticed if you run at least 3 miles on the trot, but it is noticeable nonetheless.

So, there you have it. A simple tip from me. Somebody who doesn’t even run that much. Before you go out running, clip your toenails. File off the sharp corners. Look after your feet and toes. After all, they are doing a lot of the hard work when you run.

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