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VerveOnes connectivity issues: Binatone issues OTA update


VerveOnes have been among the new wave of truly wireless wave of earphones. However, like many others that we have tried, they seem to suffer from connectivity issues. Binatone, the official licensee of Motorola Mobility is now issuing OTA updates for the device.

Please find the official statement from them below:

As discussed, since the launch of VerveLife in June – Binatone, the official licensee of Motorola Mobility, has been committed to making sure it is providing its customers with an outstanding earphone experience – and has now introduced a free update to its operating system for its truly wireless VerveOnes and VerveOnes+ earbuds.

David Harris, Vice President of Global Product Development commented of the now enhanced listening experience users will be able to benefit: “This major update has enabled us to significantly reduce sound dropouts for more continuous streaming of music, phone call clarity and voice command performance. The connectivity update is the next step in providing consumers with the best listening experience within the new ground breaking True Wireless audio category”.

For more information on how to perform the update, review FAQs and for other tips on how to get the most out of your VerveOnes please visit http://verve.life/uk/

Do you have one of these? Have you tried the OTA update? Has it made a difference? Do let us know in the comments section below.

In case you couldn’t find the OTA update details, head to the dedicate page on their website.

If you have the Hubble/VerveLife app already installed on your phone, just head over to that and connect it to your Verve Ones. That will then initiate the OTA update.

The update takes somewhere between 20 minutes to an hour, though for us it was nearer the 20 minute mark.

Having done the update, the performance has improved immensely. The device stays connected, and works rather well. It isn’t a 100% perfect. You still get the occasional blip when one of the headphones misses a beat, but overall, the experience is more near where it needs to be.

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5 thoughts on “VerveOnes connectivity issues: Binatone issues OTA update

  1. I’ve not experienced any issues audio-wise from purchasing (after 24 hours of use). However, i’m updating to see what the difference is.

    Using them between 2 mobile devices is a bit of a pain thought.

  2. is it just me or no one seems to have audio letency, I mean when i am using the headphones with my tablet with Amazon prime video or netflix i get loads of audio latency on my android tv, iphone and my ipad and Android Tablet. can any one tell me what i am doing wrong. Also i do have latest update.

  3. Those bastards left giving support and shut the updaters off, possibly they think we┬┤re going to get another new pair.. And yes of course! but on any other brand but this shit.

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