Installing extra Google accounts on EMUI 3.0 (Honor 4X)



Now before I go into further details, I must mention that I have a review unit Honor 4X which gave me this problem. From what I can see, a lot of users I know have the Honor 6+ installed, and they do not have this problem. The Honor 4X I have comes with a lot of diagnostic software still installed on it, and if I play with it, it comes with the instructions ‘diagnostics only, must be removed from final version’, etc. So I imagine, the extra Google account option has probably been locked away as it may not have been needed. I do not know enough about the innards of Android to comment.

What is the problem? Being unable to install an extra Google account on the Honor 4X.

Doing some research revealed that some others had experienced the same as well. Mostly thinking that it was a feature of EMUI 3.0, Huawei’s Android Skin.

One person, however, had some advice. Install Google Apps Device Policy app from the Play Store.

2015-05-09 07.29.21


I did, and as I was setting it up, it asked me to add another Google account. I entered the details of my second Google account, that uses Google Apps, and in I went. After that, the app allows you to take over some administration features about the account you added. I stopped there, and didn’t proceed. The extra Google account had been added, and my email, calendar, contacts etc were all syncing. All was good.

I must state again that as far as I know, this is not the case with the Honor devices sold, so hopefully nobody should have this problem. However, if you do, this is one cheeky way to add another Google account.

While at this, I also noticed a very interesting ‘comment’ on it, while I was at it.

Screenshot 2015-05-09 at 10.40.39


PS, the full review for the Honor 4X will be up on soon.

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