Tips for a DIY Mother’s Day Spa Experience


From your first haircut to learning how to shave your legs, to first-date outfits and breakup ice cream binges, your mother has always been there for you. This year, return the favour with a day of total R&R without ever leaving the house. Re-create a luxurious spa experience at home for a Mother’s Day retreat unlike any other.

Rejuvenating Music

Greet your mother with music that fills her with a sense of inspiration and calm. Create a special playlist for the day on Spotify or a station on Pandora. Look to classic spa music like Enya, or try Explosions in the Sky, Jonsi or Jose Gonzalez. Amplify the music from your iPhone with beautiful speakers, like the iBamboo Speaker, that integrates visually into a spa-like atmosphere.

Relaxing Candlelight

Set the mood for your at-home spa with relaxing, ambient lighting. Light scented candles and scatter them throughout the house in mason jars. Choose scents proven to reduce tension, like cedar, lavender, vanilla or orange. For an eye-catching display, nestle white pillar candles in a wooden tray of river rocks, or set floating candles and pink rose petals in a shallow glass bowl half-filled with water. Tip: placing candles in front of or on a mirror multiplies the light for a more luminous atmosphere.

Fragrant Flowers

Decorate your home with flowers to cast an aura of relaxing and natural beauty. To unify the design, choose only one or two types of flowers and arrange them in vases in each room throughout the house. Roses, hyacinth, lilacs, and peonies offer both beauty and fragrance. Does your mom like to garden? For a decoration that doubles as a thoughtful gift, choose a few flowering potted plants like a blooming hydrangea plant or tulip bulbs.

Lather Up

Start your mom’s spa experience with an indulgent bubble bath. Fill a sparkling-clean tub with piping-hot water and luxurious herbal suds or bath salts. Set up a bath tray with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries that she can enjoy while she soaks. Place a stack of fluffy white towels on a stool or in a pretty basket by the tub, including a face towel and bath sheet.

Slather Up

For a post-bath experience, relive your childhood kitchen experiments. Soothe your faces with a homemade honey and oatmeal mask. Relax puffy eyes with cold cucumber slices, cotton pads soaked in rose water or wet chamomile tea bags. Exfoliate neglected skin with a sugar scrub, and slather dry hands and feet with olive oil or body cream.

Spa Food

If your spa experience leaves you both a little hungry, try some spa-inspired recipes that satisfy you without the guilt. Blend up some green smoothies with spinach, grapes, apples and kiwi, or try Food and Wine’s tofu-salad sandwich for something more filling.

Gift Ideas

Wrap your mother in spa-worthy gifts that she can use during her Mother’s Day spa experience and take home to use later. Give her a luxurious bath robe, satin lounge wear or open-toed slippers (for DIY pedicures). Bonus points if you plan ahead and have them monogrammed with her initials. With any gift, be sure to include a sweet handwritten note or card to tell her how much you love and care about her.

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