#AcerLiveBlog2014 – The challenge begins

Here is an interesting one. I happen to be sitting in Edinburgh right  now, about to embark on a set of challenges set to me and my team by Acer. Let’s play some harps, and do one of those flashback videos, as the camera pans back and looks at me typing, as I look up … Read more

Plan a Wedding in the Digital Age

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Luckily, in today’s world of marketplaces, online shopping and digital communication, much of it can be done online. Not only can this save a great deal of time and energy, it can be a fun way to spread the word and get people involved in every aspect of your … Read more

iPhone meets Wood

No, we are not taking our iPhone into the woods. Not yet at least. I’ve been looking at various iPhone cases for quite some time now, and it never ceases to amaze me what can companies come up with in order to get your attention. And business. This time I managed to get my hands on … Read more

Staying safe while gambling online

Image from Pixabay The internet has affected a lot of us, and in many ways. We have found ways of doing things while sitting in the comfort of our homes, that being something like ordering food, talking to people, or the controversial art of gambling. Betting and gambling are highly addictive habits, and recently the … Read more

Review: Doro PhoneEasy 632

The Doro PhoneEasy 632 is a simple phone for people who want exactly that. However, it doesn’t mean this is a ‘dumb’ terminal, which does nothing more than make phone calls and perhaps send texts. The device comes with a camera, a GPS and compass feature to find where you are, or to get back … Read more

In-App Purchases That Are Worth It

  Apple recently made some news in its app markets by ceasing to label games “free” if they involve in-app purchases. Instead, according to BusinessInsider.com, users will now see a “Get” tab where it used to say “Free.” It’s a subtle switch, but one that speaks to the growing attention being paid to freemium games. … Read more