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Staying safe while gambling online


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The internet has affected a lot of us, and in many ways. We have found ways of doing things while sitting in the comfort of our homes, that being something like ordering food, talking to people, or the controversial art of gambling. Betting and gambling are highly addictive habits, and recently the advent of online gambling websites has made it even easier for you to play online.

Obviously this presents both the ease of doing it, as well as the danger that any risk taking activity brings to the mix. The easier it is, the more chances you will have of losing your money, and in the process getting into various kinds of trouble.

So I started looking, and thought the first place should be go check out the moneyadviseservice.org.uk. While it has a lot of articles talking about the dangers, it doesn’t quite give major advice.

Other major websites didn’t say much either. It was only when I thought I might look to see what gambling websites have to say for themselves is when I found out some more information. To do so, I headed to http://www.mansioncasino.com/, and thought I’ll have a look. Scroll to the bottom, and you see the following bar, showing the various websites that have their approval as well as license them to make them secure:

MansionCasino - safety

While gambling is something you may worry about as a bad habit, over the years such websites have also developed a fear of installing malware on your computers. How to find out if your particular website is safe? Among companies in the bar above that show you the various approvals they have, you also see the Norton Secured symbol. The Norton Secured symbol is issued by Symantec, makers of Norton Antivirus, one of the most popular antivirus and security softwares used on computers all over the world. What does it mean? It means that Norton’s algorithms have tested the website to be safe and secure, the fact that all online payments are processed through the proper channels, and it constantly tests the website for bugs such as malware. All this should give you the peace of mind that if you go with them, you won’t get anything ‘dodgy’ on your computer.

Of course, as I mentioned, being computer safe isn’t enough, and gambling requires a certain responsibility. In fact MansionCasino go a step further to teach their clients about responsible gambling:


So if you’d like to give online gaming a go, do so by all means, but make sure it is safe, for you as a person, and your computer.

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