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No, we are not taking our iPhone into the woods. Not yet at least.

I’ve been looking at various iPhone cases for quite some time now, and it never ceases to amaze me what can companies come up with in order to get your attention. And business. This time I managed to get my hands on two cases, and do a little comparison since they have something in common. And that something is wood. Or wooden effect would be more accurate. So many bad jokes come to mind.

Up on the pedestal are  Uunique Wooden Panel and Man&Wood iPhone6 Wooden Case (Yes. You’ve read this right. Man. And. Wood.)

Let’s get on with Uunique first then.

It’s a very classy case and you know it from the moment you see the packaging. Case itself is actually made with plastic, leather and wood-like panels. Cradle, which holds the phone, is plastic, very well measured, holds the phone very well, but not so strong that you can’t remove it. Just right. Then the front panel, which has a magnet built in has all the feels of an expensive product (which is not, surprisingly). I really liked the magnet in the case, not only it helps with the flap to stay in place, but also I tend to keep my phone on the computer case which is close to me, and phone just snaps to it. Not too hard, but just enough so it won’t say accidentally be swept off the top of the case. It might be just me, but I found it rather nice touch. Another good feature of this case is, when you bend the front flap behind the case, the magnet snaps in, and holds the panel behind the phone! Very cool!

The wooden element feels good in hand, not too slippery and again, has the premium feel (bad jokes again, I know).

Might be slightly uncomfortable to open and use when you’re walking in same time, especially with bags of shopping in hands, but that’s I suppose a problem with flip cases in general.

All in all – 9/10

You can get one for yourself from guys at Mobile Fun here – Uunique Wooden Panel


Time for Man & Wood…

Yes, the brand name is rather unfortunate. Or is it? Maybe it’s just clever marketing gig. Who knows.

I have to admit, when I first saw this case, I thought this is going to be another cheap case which tries the wooden effect. Packaging isn’t too exciting, and from afar it looks, well, cheap.

Nothing further from the truth. Yes, this case sports traditional cradle style, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Every style has it’s advantages and disadvantages, and I always believed that having two cases for various occasions is the way to go.

This case is actually made of sustainable resources, and is built with a thin layer of wood. It even smells right! Otherwise, hard plastic to shell your phone from those scratches and falls. Simple.

Only thing I found a tad annoying about it is, the case holds your phone with a tight grip (which is good) and getting it out of the case is something … challenging. So if you plan on quickly swapping cases, this might prove challenging.

Otherwise, it’s a good sturdy case, which combined with decent screen protector will definitely secure your iPhone 6 from falls, dents and scratches.

My opinion – 8/10

Pick it up here – Man&Wood


So there you go folks. If you think that your hip beard, chequered shirt and and axe by your side need a wooden element to compliment your look, or you just like to feel this little bit closer to the nature with all this tech around you – you know what to do. Go Uunique for classy woodsman style, or Eco friendly timber fan with Man&Wood (or woman, ofc).

Till next time!a4219ad0d2f8c1a000f64fe22d5a7844


This is not me 🙂 Image courtesy of Ana Krstic Photography

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