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Lo and behold, Stoptober is in full flow, and hopefully a lot of you are giving up cigarettes successfully. E-cigarettes have long been part of the campaign to help people quit smoking, and while I do not smoke, I definitely support the plight of everyone who’d like to give up smoking. So when Socialites got in touch with me, offering me a review package, I asked them if they had something that didn’t have nicotine in it. They came back, telling me about the Socialites ‘Shisha Zero’ range.

Now while I do not smoke, and do not encourage it, I have always been bit of a fan of the Shisha experience. So I thought, hey, why not.

Before we get into too much details, the Shisha Zero, which is shown in the picture above, comes in a pack that offers 5 flavours: Blueberry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Cherry and Creme Anglaise. They offer you approximately 500 puffs each, and promise that there is no nicotine contained in the vapour.

Out of the box, you get individually packaged 5 e-cigarettes, with plastic covers on both ends. As can seen from the image, they come in different colours with clear markings for each flavour.

So, how does one use it? Simple! Just take off the packaging, and smoke it like you would any cigarette. The light comes on at the end to tell you that it is working when you suck, and you should of course feel the vapour in your mouth. Pretty simple, pretty straight forward.

What were the flavours like? Quite good. Much like most Shisha flavours, you get a vapour that tastes of what you’re going for. It isn’t normally too strong, but has enough indication to let you know what it is.

The real question though is, how does it compare to a real Shisha. I think it does quite well. Since the smoking ban, you cannot smoke a Shisha indoors, and generally, Shisha requires coal, which produces ash, and it doesn’t last as long. Depending on the quality of your Shisha and the coal, it can go from being a pleasant experience to a very annoying one as well. The Shisha Zero has none of these problems. It works, it is clean, and it offers you an amazingly high number of puffs, for the cost of just one Shisha.

For more information, as well as to buy, visit the following link:

They generally retail for £19.99, but have an offer right now which sells them for only £9.99. For 2500 puffs of ‘Shisha’, that is an immense price, as generally you only get one Shisha for that much!

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