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Zenus Tesoro iPhone 6 case

This is for those who like a little bit of luxury in life.


And those who own an iPhone 6. Which I personally think means pretty much the same.

Last week I got to play with new iPhone 6 for couple days. Phone aside, it did prompt one major thought: “Surely a phone of that quality (read – cost) requires an adequate casing, right?”

Fortunately Mobilefun came to the rescue. I got presented with a case from Zenus. Zenus Tesoro Black Special Edition to be precise. All the titles! So far so good, Zenus has a rep for decent cases.

This one is no different. Well, mostly. Case is made of high quality leather (the smell!!!) all throughout. Even the cradle holding the phone is made of leather, though it’s different colour then the rest of it. Gives a nice accent to the whole image. Sewing is decent, leather itself is not too bendy and not too sturdy. Just about right.

Now, I know a lot of people might say “this case is nice, but for £49.99?” Well, maybe, but then again you just got a £600 phone, surely it deserves a decent casing? Indeed it does. Premium case, for a premium phone.

This is case would ideally suited a business man/woman type of person, someone who enjoys premium style and good finish. The case also comes in brown leather.

All in all, 5 out of 5 from me. Just hope Zenus will make it for Nexus 6…

Now go and get yourself from good people at Mobilefun

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