Featured Kickstarter: EcoReco M3 e-Scooter



What would you think if I told you that you could have an electric powered scooter that can take you up to 23 miles on a single charge, only weighs about 16kg (34lbs), charges to full in 4.5 hours, and to 85% in 2.5 hours, and is foldable down to 36.6 ” x 11.8 “. In fact, just look at the following infographic and read all about it.

So, how do we get one of these? Kickstarter is the answer! They have already reached their target, and almost 6 times over. One of these will cost you $750 (about £460) and in my eyes. It is an absolute no brainer!

You can find out more and pledge to get one of these by visiting the following link:



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