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Google Glass and Interior Design

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With almost a million units of Google Glass expected to sell in 2014, according to The Statistics Portal, many industries are still exploring the value of the emerging tech product. The interior design field is a particularly attractive area for this augmented reality tool. Google Glass gives users the ability to view items via computerized glasses that project reality, such as paint colors, furniture and window coverings. Google Glass is currently priced at $1,500, with the final retail price not yet set.

Get the Colors You Need with Glass

With Google Glass, you never have to struggle to find a color again. When shopping for drapery and blinds you can easily use Google Glass to find the exact color you’re looking for. The ColorSnap Glass application by Sherwin-Williams, which is free, allows you to instantly convert any real-world object into a palette that can be used for paint swatches, furniture, window coverings and cloth upholstery. The product further connects you to the exact color as a paint that you can purchase through Sherwin-Williams.

Instantly View Dimensions and Products

The days of having to painstakingly measure items by hand may be over. As pointed out by Architizer, the Google Glass platform can potentially overlay dimensions and even product information or material data when viewing a room. You could walk through a new room and immediately know you need carpet that measures 12 feet by 9 feet, or the ceramic tiles were purchased from Home Depot at $2.49 a square foot.

Place Items with Augmented Reality

The augmented reality functions of Google Glass easily allow designers to virtually place items in a room. You can redesign an entire room while sitting in the comfort of your chair, especially with the aid of companies like DAQRI, featured in The Next Web, which are developing comprehensive augmented reality systems that integrate directly with Google Glass. While you do this, Google Glass is able to tally expenses to let you know exactly the costs of your remodel. DAQRI is currently free and available on iOS.

Order Items on the Fly

You’re at a friend’s house when you view the perfect lamp. Your friend no longer remembers where she purchased it, but she doesn’t need to. Google Glass automatically identifies the item and points you to the least expensive store. With a simple “OK Glass,” you’ve already purchased the item and had it shipped directly to your home. With mobile purchases on the rise, it’s very likely that Google Glass will eventually become an e-commerce portal as well. Google already maintains a shopping portal that connects individuals to the cheapest products available online, making this idea more reality than fiction.

Connect to a Community

After you’ve run out of new ideas, consider snapping a picture and sending it to all your friends within seconds. With many interior designers now using social media services like Pinterest, it also may be possible to directly integrate social media into your interior design process. You can immediately connect to a huge library of design ideas, comments and opinions for new ideas and alternative designs.

While Google Glass is an exciting new development, it remains to be seen how the product will actually function in real-world applications. Google Glass will launch to the public in 2014 and many features are still up to speculation. The applications that have been released so far, however, are showing incredible promise.

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