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Featured Kickstarter: Looqi


There are plenty of GPS tracking devices out there. However, most of them rely on Bluetooth and/or WIFI, which means that if somebody runs off with your phone, or you lose a suitcase, you won’t get it unless you’re within range. What we really need is the kind of GPS trackers they show in films, where you get a constant signal, and you can track it via an app,or over the internet.

Looqi, ladies and gentlemen, is that device. Instead of relying on point to point networks, it actually talks via the Vodafone network.

Mainly aimed at kids (though I think there are lots of other applications), this is a device that is promising parents to give them ease of mind about their kid’s location. It is also water proof, wirelessly recharges, and lasts a whole week.

Want to know more? Check out the following video:

So how much does this cost? €80 is what you’ll have to pay, or €150 for two. Alternatively, you can pay €30 now to get a  €40 discount on their website later.

It comes in a variety of colours, and can be used both as a strap and a key chain.

Head to their campaign to find out more:



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