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A buyer’s guide to the Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera


Digital photography has become an increasing popular pastime over the years. No longer is it a pursuit reserved solely for professional photographers and those with high levels of disposable income. The entry price of digital SLR cameras has come down to the point where almost anyone can get themselves one. If you’re in the market for a new camera, this guide will look at the popular Nikon D3100 to assess if it’s a worthwhile purchase.


Tech Specs

The D3100 is capable of capturing stunning images with its 14-megapixel CMOS sensor. This allows you to develop large photos that are incredibly detailed and sharp. You can capture them in high resolution and view them on a big screen with no loss in image fidelity.

In an attempt to make digital SLR photography more user-friendly, the D3100 has a guide mode that features plenty of useful navigation tools and graphic illustrations for lining up your shots. The camera will show you the effects of wide apertures on depth of field and overall image quality; you can clearly see how your tweaked settings will affect your photos.

The camera can also capture 1080 HD film clips; it will continually focus the video as you record, so all the footage remains clear and crisp when you play it back. It is also possible to edit the video clips you have captured on the camera.



The Nikon D3100 camera is available from Jessops for £259 including £20 cashback from Nikon. Most digital SLR lenses come as a separate purchase from the body of the camera, but this package deal also has an 18 – 55mm VR lens included. This means you are ready to start snapping away as soon as it’s delivered in the mail.

If the price is a little steep as a single payment, it is possible to pay for the camera with interest-free finance over a period of six months.



The body of the D3100 can be outfitted with a variety of camera lenses to achieve different results. If you want to take detailed photos of objects from far away, a zoom lens can help you achieve fantastic results. These lenses have a highly adjustable focal length that lets you focus into points of interest without having to get extremely close.

Alternatively, you could attach a tilt shift lens to your D3100. This type of lens is best suited to architectural photography because it allows you to easily shift the position of the lens for better perspective correction. If you’re still unsure on which additional lens you need, Camera Labs has a fantastic guide that you might find helpful.



Before you buy, it’s always wise to read some user reviews of the camera to get an idea of its good and bad points. What Digital Camera has a detailed review that weighs in the cameras design, performance, image quality and more. The article also includes examples of photos that were taken using the camera, so you can see the results for yourself.


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