Review: Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker and Dock

Cygnett BT Speakers


What is it?

It is a Bluetooth Speaker that comes with a dock/stand facility, that allows you to dock your tablet, phone, or device. The speakers also have a battery compartment, which means they can be portable, though they are generally powered by AC. It also features an AUX-IN, in case you want to plug this directly into any device.

Look and Feel

For something that comes at such a good price (we’ll get to that in a bit), this looks and feels awesome. True, it isn’t truly portable, with a rechargeable battery like other speakers, but it comes in a good matt finished black plastic, and feels solid. The same goes for the stand. It looks and feels good, and is strong and stable enough to hold any tablet/smartphone in, even your big iPads!


The setup is fairly straightforward. Turn it on, and press the Bluetooth button on top of the speaker for 3 seconds, before an audible beep and the flashing LED indicates that you have entered pairing mode. Scan for Bluetooth devices on your smartphone/tablet, and once you see SoundWave on the list, click on it, and off you go.

Ease of usage

The speakers are fairly easy to use. Once paired, they will automatically connect to the last device paired. If you move out of range, the Bluetooth button can be pressed for it to look for your phone again. Volume buttons can be used to turn it up or down.

However, the volume control buttons don’t work if you are using them through AUX-IN.

Sound quality

We were very impressed with the sound quality. No distortion was found, no matter how high we turned the volume up. The speakers can also be turned up quite high, which means this can be used in both party environments, as well as outdoors, on a picnic.

The bass was found to be deep, and the high notes worked very well, as we tested out listening to a bit of Florence and the Machine.

The sound quality comes thanks to incredible stereo speakers packed in with dynamic drivers and passive radiators.

The dock

The dock deserves a bit of attention as well. Not many speakers come with a dock, and when they do, they normally come with an iPod/iPhone dock, which means it charges your phone/tablet as well delivers sound. This speaker though, is Bluetooth, and doesn’t require a physical connection. Hence, you will be a bit disappointed to know that the dock does not come with a built in charger. Not all bad news though, as this means that it can be used for any device, even things that are not paired with your speaker. The dock has a small channel in the bottom and is adjustable to allow any charger you have to go through, and be fitted in the dock such that you can use this as a charging dock.

This is obviously great for most phones, but HTC ones tend to have their charging ports on the side, so I imagine it can be bit of an awkward position to leave your phone in.

What was really impressive was the fact that the dock is very stable, and it can serve as a stand to anything between a small phone to a 10″ tablet such as the iPad. The width of the case is also adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about what fits and what doesn’t.

Buying information

These can be found at LoveCases, under the Galaxy S4 category:

While generally £39.99, as of now they are only £31.99.


Some devices look good, others feel good, and others are purely functional. Some pack in extra perks. This one ticks all the boxes, and at a great price as well. The only thing I would have added is a rechargeable battery, but that would have probably pushed the price of this beyond the average user.



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