LG G2 launches today, shows us how smartphones have evolved since 1985!




LG G2 is a phone that brings with it much promise, in terms of power as well as features. The buttons have moved to the back, the camera promises a lot of clarity, and the processor is as powerful as it gets. So, we can happily tell you that the wait is over, and the phone is available from today, from Carphone Warehouse, EE, O2 and Three.

More information on the phone can be found directly at LG’s website: http://www.lg.com/uk/mobile-phones/lg-D802


“The LG G2 represents one of the most exciting developments in smartphone design, intuitively designed to complement the way that consumers naturally use their devices, with the unique Rear-Key button which is complemented by the KnockOn UI feature.” said Carolyn Anderson, UK Head of Marketing for Mobile Communications. “Once UK users get chance to experience the LG G2 for themselves, we’re sure they’ll agree with us that it represents the future in smartphone design”.

“LG has a strong history of innovation in smartphone design and technology and the G2 represents another huge step forward. We’ve seen smartphones evolve over the years but we believe that the LG G2 really has set the bar for the category.”

What is more exciting is that LG have gone and commissioned a cool infographic that shows us the history of evolution of smartphones, all the way from 1985. See below!


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