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Three go back to basics!

Today Three have announced they are going back to basics. With all of the different rates and plans out there Three have decided to make things more simple and have a new Pay As You Go offer.

The new Pay As You Go offer will allow customers to top up and only pay for the services they use, giving the customer great value across voice, text and internet.

At the moment there are 179 different Pay As You Go plans making choice a little overwhelming. With Three’s new offer customers are able to choose what they spend their cash on.

Pay As You Go

The basic rates on the new PAYG offer means you will not have to choose between the services available, but use your top up where you want to.

•3p a minute

•2p a text

•1p a MB of internet

No long will you have to choose between weekend or weekday calls, UK or international calls, and use of texts, calls or data. Gone are the days with mystifying tariffs and value trade-offs by bringing Pay As You Go back to the very beginning

Three are known as the network developed for the internet and with the new cost per MB rate they have their customers in mind.

There will be no fear now when you send one too many texts or emails as you only pay for what you use.

Three have not forgotten about their present customers! Existing Three Pay As You Go customers can also benefit from Three’s new rates and they do not have to change their tariff.

It’s good to go back to basics!

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